Sakshi TV

Sakshi TV

Sakshi TVSakshi TV has already poached more than 10 senior employees from TV9 by offering three times their current salary. To counter this trend, TV9 is planning to hike the pay of its employees. There is huge scarcity of quality TV reporters,” says Mr Satish Babu, head of Asianet News which will go on air from August 15. There is so much job hopping going on that nobody knows who is working for which channel on a given day. And reporters are enjoying the gold rush. Analysts say there are no institutions to train fresh TV reporters and this has prompted channels to poach from their rivals.

A Platform for all Sakshi TV Lovers to come together online share views, information, newspaper articles, images and video links. Large hoardings all over the state appeared all of a sudden in a fine morning, that explains launching of Sakshi TV channel soon.

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