The DT Mall Panga

Just after enjoying coffee at Barista and the hi-tech movie “Stealth” in the Metropolitan Mall, both of us had a burger at the Mc Donald’s Gurgaon in the mall itself. Well, then we planned to have some “aankhon ki sikai” in the DT mall. Just being there, we saw the Delhi Talkies.

The Panga Team : Defined

NETAJI : An MBA just after passing his non medical steam. He is a sophesticated guy who wants to be the future prime minister of India. Well… we don’t know when he is going to be. It is rightly said that the many Indian Politicians are corrupt, but he wants to be the MOST CORRUPT POLITICIAN EVER.

GANGSTER: He is an Engineer and MBA and a “Colleague” of Netaji in his regular ACTIVITIES. An Engineer – MBA who wanted to be a future CEO of a multicrore – multinational Company, but now working with netaji and having his own IT Company.

RISHWAT KHOR: Shakeel is an old IT freak who has worked with multinationals earlier in his carrer. A MCA dropout by profession but working hard to be a good enterpreneur. This guy just got married in November 2005 and had a great honeymoon (as he tells, who knows???). He is working helping out NETAJI and GANGSTER in the regular ACTIVITIES

Pangebaaz Auratein…

While seeing the boring movie “My Wife’s Murder” at the DT mall at Gurgaon, I realized that there’s an ugly, big boobed, aunty enjoying the movie on my front seat. I noticed her in the intermission of the movie. While her husband (or maybe Bro) was out to take popcorns for her, she was acting like she was the only female in the audi (she gave some poses, which reminded me of Pamela Anderson in VIP), I wish if her waist would have 15 inches lesser, then I would have defenately done one more PANGA today….

The Panga Gangster

Is there some PANGA with the water in Delhi??

With my experience and the DT Mall, Metroplitian Mall, Bangla Saheb, and Dariyaganj in the last week, I was wondering that the gurls of the NCR specially Gurgaon and Delhi have changed a lot. U know what I mean ???

From my experience of the last 8 years, I see a lot of difference in the Gurls and Aunties specially the middle aged one.

Have there been some changes in the water of the region?? Or the formula of the water itself has changed?? Is it the same H2O, which I used to learn in the 9th Class?? or is it B2O??

What do u say???