Abhishek Bachchan is going to make Guinness world Record

"Delhi 6" Abhishek trying to get this movie in Guinness Book of World Records

Abhishek Bachchan is planning to get his name in Guinness Book of World Records by covering six cities in 24 hour for the promotion of its new film Delhi 6. This record is currently credited in account of Jurgen Vogen and Deniel Bruhl of Germany who promoted their film in 24 hour in four cities.

Abhishek is going to cover Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Baroda and Mumbai in a private Jet Plane. It was the idea of Abhishek to promote the movie like this. He narrated this to UTV and they gave their go ahead node in no seconds. This tour is going to make a huge buzz in public says the marketing team of UTV.

Me too is waiting for this movie. I have watched the promo of this movie. Movie is covering the life of the part of Delhi having pin code 110006 , that’s why that part is famous as Delhi 6. It is the oldest area of Delhi. One can see all the color of Delhi in Delhi 6 (The movie and Area too)

Way to 9/11 on Zee Studio

This is seriously good stuff. I have been hearing about the WTC 9/11 attack and the stories behind it. This serial (documentary) is actually the exact stuff behind the crime committed by the Bin Laden group.

I liked the 5 hour serial and this is very clear that the happening could been avoided if the US top officials including the President would have been serious about the work done by the CIA and the FBI. The problem lies behind the fact that we need a SOLID proof before taking any action against the crime and the criminals. Well, it is more important to take precaution rather than repenting that we could not take appropriate steps because we didn’t had a SOLID proof or the SPECIFICS for taking an action

Harry Potter is naked after Hogwarts

Daniel Radcliffe, hero of harry potter is now coming on the West End stage in revival of Peter Shaffer’s play Equus. The play is going to be open at Gielgud Theater on February, 27.

He is appearing in a long nude sex scene with actress Joanna Christie.

Now the parents are really worried. According to them Harry Potter is like a role model for children, in if he is coming naked in some show, its going to affect the mind of childhood.

Left Right Left on Sony TV

Left Right Left on Sony TV

I am not a TV freak but whenever I have to watch the news my wife generally switch the channel to this serial. I like the characters in this serial and their motivating and naughty attitude towards each other. Good Serial.

Greater Noida Authority is cash short nowadays

Greater Noida Authority is cash short nowadays….

Its really shocking to hear the news that the Noida Authorities are short of cash nowadays. In a recent incidence, in which the farmers who had to get the compensation from the Noida Authority for the acquisition of their land in the villages Ghori Wachhera, Jaitpur, Vaispur, Kasna, Dhara, Sakipur, etc, the farmers were given cheques for the award of their lands. Even after weeks of depositing the cheques in the banks for weeks, when the farmers didn’t received the compensation for their lands. When asked with the banks, the banks told that the cheques were bounced, and the reason given was that “the needed cash has not been sent by the treasury”. What do you we call that ……

A Cash Shot Govt. or a Bankrupt Government!!!!!

Review : Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna : Ok Movie

This movie got released on 11th August 2006.
This is not a typical family movie. This is about two married couples of current generation setteled in New York. This is basically about extra maritial affairs. Due to busy schedule they failed to give the time to their partners and try to search the peace of mind somewhere else. And movies goes on.

Amitabh (Called as sexy sam) is a typical playboy type old man in this movie. Its a totally differnt role all together for him.Shahrukh Khan a football player met with accident and lost hi leg. So the life became frustated for him. Priety wife of Sharukh was working and his growth in professional life make him more frustated. Abhishek son of “sexy sam” is a typical business men. His wife Rani Mukharjee, a Turor,. The complete movie moves round about these five characters

Overall nice movie to see once.Shahrukh looks old in this movie. One dance of Amitabh and Abhishek is wonderful, worth to see. Prietys role is just okey. Rani was not looking very good.

Over all I give 2 and half out of 5 to this Kabhi Alvida Na KAhna.