Brazil’s National Underwear Day 2009

National Underwear Day in Brazil

Brazilians celebrated The third National Underwear Day on 17th Feb 2009 at Brasillia downtown. The underwear Day was first organized in New York city in 2003 to help to develop the Brazilian underwear industry. The event was organized by Fashion website Finissimo. All the male and female models came at Brasillia’s bus station and distributed the broachers and get photographed.

I am reading this news from last three days, I am wondering if this day has to be organize in India, who is going to take care of security of these babes and babas as well :P. That day would be the national holiday for Indians to see the parade on road. One can skip 26 Jan parade but I bet most of the Indian will not skip this.

Great Salesman in Punjab Raodways

As usual one guy entered in bus I thought its going to show the same type of stuff again on sale like chain, watch, wallet, set of pen etc. But I was literally amazed to see his marketing technique. He used it to sale his product for sure.

He came up with bidding option for passengers. He said that here he is going to open the bid for 10 products one by one. He clarified the conditions

1) passengers are going to bid for products with as low as Rs. 10
2) If the last bid is near to the promotion price (on which he is willing to sale ), he will give the item at that price.
3) If last max bid is not near to the promotion price, then he will give assured gift to each bidder.

Now first he picked out so called Ricco Watch worth of Rs. 250, bid start at Rs. 10 and offered a small comb (say worth of 1 Rupee) if nobody closed the deal. First call came of 15, Second of Rs 50 and then no Call. He asked thrice and then on closing that bid gave the combs to both of them.

Now he picked out one watch worth of Rs. 150 and offered a wallet (market worth of Rs. 10-15 approx) for all the bidder if deal don’t get close. First call was of Rs. 15, second of Rs. 20 and third and last of Rs. 25. He immedicated congratulate, the guy who bidded for Rs. 25, handed over the watch to him took Rs. 25 and went out of bus before actually the boy who bidded could realize what happened with him.

See smartly he sold his watch worth of not more then Rs. 10 in Rs. 25 by biding. Which otherwise he would have to give presentation in at least 5-10 buses. I am sure that he might be selling this watch in almost his alternate presentation.

Use your all permutation and combination and see how smart that guy is.

Kota: an education hub for IIT and IIM

Kota: an education hub for IIT and IIM

I have spent my childhood in the small quite city of Bhilwara in Rajasthan. But I have never been to Kota which is just 165 km from there and a well know place for students who are preparing for IIT’s and IIM’s. This place doesn’t have much Engineering, science or Medical Colleges. But I personally feel that the number of students in this city exceeds the actual population of the city. Students from the corners of the country comes here to crack the IIT JEE and the IIM CAT exams. We are providing a list of institutes here so as to help the students. In case you want to write your personal reviews about the coaching centers and the teachers, we welcome it.

1. M/s Anapurna Classes Ladpura ,KOTA 02/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 05.01.04 2332028

2. M/s Bansal Classes,2-K-17, Vigyan Nagar,KOTA 102/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2423738

3. M/s Sharma Classes 1e-30,Talwandi KOTA 105/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 21.01.04 2425202

4. M/s FIITJEE Ltd.SP-12A,Indira Vihar,KOTA 106/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2421696

5. M/s RESONANCE, J-2,Jawahar Nagar,KOTA 107/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2437144

6. Shri Mukesh Gupta of M/s Gupta CommerceCoaching Classes,New Post office Road,KOTA Jn. 108/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2462041

7. Shri Mukul Vahal of M/s Bright Physics Classes,2-C-7,Mahavirnagar-III, KOTA 109/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

8. Shri Anil Kumar Jain of M/s Advance Classes,1-G-28,RHB Colony,Dadabari,KOTA 118/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2503963

9. Shri Virendra Prakash Jain of M/s Jain Classes,E-10,Vallabhbari, KOTA 119/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2391494

10. Shri Amit Rathore of M/s Rathore Coaching Centre, Shop No.5-6 Near Water Tank TalwandiKOTA 122/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

11. Smt. Namrata Agrawal of Prop. M/s SainathCommerce Classes, 2-H-15, Talwandi, KOTA 127/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2420156

12. M/s Neochem(Coaching)(Partnership Firm)6-B, Jawahar Nagar, KOTA 129/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 24333964

13. Vission -2000 Educational Service 360- BTalwandi KOTA 130/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2433228

14. M/s Future Z Point 3-F-27,Talwandi KOTA 132/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2437578

15. M/s Atul Gaur Mathematics Classess,A-768Indira Vihar KOTA 135/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2411242

16. Krishna Carriers Instiutes ,3-E-27 Talwandi KOTA 136/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

17. Wisdom ,761 Dadabari ,KOTA 137/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2505033

18. PT Education & Traning Service Ltd , Aerodrome Circle, KOTA 138/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2500273

19. Shri Ashok Kumar Singh,B-07 Jawahar NagarKOTA 140/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2426938

20. M/s Seema Classes ,MPA-16 Mahaveer Nagar -IIKOTA 142/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

21. M/s Crose Rads Classes, Deepshri Parisar Ist floor Opp.HDFC Bank Jhalawar Road KOTA 143/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2365008

22. Carrear Point.112-B,Shakti Nagar KOTA 144/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2500492

23. Carrear Point Infosys 112-B,Shakti Nagar KOTA 145/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2505268

24. V.P.M. Classes 1-C-8 SFS Talwaqndi KOTA 146/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2429714

25. Shri Lokesh Rasania of M/s Absolute Classes262-A Talwandi KOTA 147/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2429263

26. Shri Pramod Mangal of M/s V.C.I.322Mahaveer Nagar KOTA 149/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2430191

27. Shri Parshant Maheshwari of M/s Birla CarrierInstitute 131 Dadabara Ext, KOTA 152/KOTA/ST/CTC/

28. Shri Manish Vijayvergiya M/s Rajasthan Tutorial H.No.30 Mahaveer Nagar II Opp. Riico CommunityCenter ,Opera Hospital Road KOTA 153/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2421128

29. Mrs Usha Jain of M/s Carrear Vision Sethi Complex IIndFloor Dadabari Main Road KOTA 154/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2501451

30. M/s New Deamension Dadwara,KOTA 161/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 21.01.04

31. Shri Sunil Gaur of M/s Apollo Classes, 2-B-14,Mahaveer Nagar, KOTA 161/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2433095

32. Shri Bharat Sharma of M/s KOTA Classes & Carreers (P) Ltd., 6-Jawahar Nagar Main RoadKOTA 162/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2434916

33. Dr. K Gopal of M/s Narayan IIT Academy,Sp 12A, Indra Vihar,Talwandi, KOTA 164/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2422200

34. M/s S.S.Hada English Classes nr.New poat office road ,KOTA 170/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 2461752

35. Shri Vijay Varshney of M/s. Prag EducationalInstitutes ,4-B-10 , Talwandi , KOTA-324005 176/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 18.08.03 2428385

36. Sh.Divakar Saxena of M/s New Oxford EnglishClasses , H.No. 1107 , Behind Match Factory , Dadwara , KOTA Jn. 181/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 22.08.03 2461391

37. Sh. Amrata Nand of M/s Shri ChaitanyaEducational Committee, 1-D-14, SFS, TalwandiKOTA 184/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 28.08.03 2431241

38. Madhuri Chaturvedi of M/s. Bhasha Coaching Classes , 380, Shashtri Nagar , Dadabari, KOTA 185/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 28.08.03 2500934

39. M/s Pravin Chemistry Classes Nr,Natraj cinema ,KOTA 187/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 23.01.04 2463607

40. M/s Research & Evaluation Centre C-2,Talwandi ,KOTA 190/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 23.01.04 2431566

41. M/s Niraj Saxena Classes 5-K-12,M.N.III,KOTA 191/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 23.01.04 98291-93324

42. Sh. Rajendra Singh Rathore of M/s CCI , NearChaman Hotel , Nayapura , KOTA-324001 201/KOTA/ST/
CTC/2002 03.09.03 2333187

43. Sh. Bharat Aggarwal of M/s Aggarwal Coaching290 , Shopping Centre , KOTA-324007 205/KOTA/ST/
CTC/2003 09.09.03 2360933

44. Smt. Mithilesh Garg of M/s Sona Classes , H.No.6Basant Vihar Spl. ,Kta-324009 206/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 09.09.03 2431906

45. M/s Gyan Vigyan Sansthan 5-A-4,Talwandi .KOTA 207/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 03.02.04

46. Sh. Anil Kumar Dak of M/s Anil Dak Maths Classes , Gulab Bari , Ladpura ,KOTA 209/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003
12.09.03 2340065

47. Sh. Rajkumar Mishra of M/s Raj Classes 6-A-50, Mahaveer Nagar Extn., KOTA 213/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

48. Sh. Sushil Modi of M/s Modi Classes Modi Girls College Campus, Dadabari Extn., KOTA 214/KOTA/ST/
CTC/2003 15.09.2003 2323108

49. Sh. Ghanshyam Joshi of M/s ACME Classes1, New Jawahar Nagar, KOTA 216/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 16.09.
2003 2420373

50. Sh. Prabhat Kishore Garg of M/s Garg Classes15-A, Talwandi, KOTA-5 227/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 26.09.
2003 2426734

51. Smt. Rashmi Garg of M/s Garg Classes15-A, Talwandi, KOTA-5 228/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 26.09.2003

52. M/s Concept Classes 174,Dadabari ext. ,KOTA 231/KOTA /ST/CTC/04 05.02.04 2504430

53. Smt. Neena Garg, 4-W-2, Talwandi, KOTA(Raj.) 231/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 29.09.2003

54. Mrs. Deepa Singh of M/s civil Services AcademyNear TT Hospital, KOTA-5 232/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 29.
09.2003 2425456

55. Sh. Ramesh Chand Sharma, 289, Chambal GardenRoad, KOTA-9 233/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 29.09.2003

56. Sh. Abhay Kr. Singh & Sh. G.a. Babu Raj, RameshChand Sharma of M/s EXCEL IIT-JEE, 7,Jawahar Nagar,
Main Road, KOTA-5 235/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2438387

57. M/s Agrawal Craeer Classes 60,Pratap nagar ,Dadabari ,KOTA 236/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 05.02.04 2501604

58. M/s Kumar Classes 7-A-19 M.N.III,KOTA 240/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 05.02.04 2476775

59. M/s Utkarsh Classes 9-f-9M.n.III,KOTA 241/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 05.02.04 98290-06567

60. M/s Indian Couching Classes,Nr, old Mosque ,Sakatpura ,KOTA 244/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 05.02.4

61. Sh. Vijay Singh of M/s Physics Tutorials, 1-D-1,SFS Colony, Talwandi, KOTA 245/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

62. M/s Mehra Career Classes thermal Road ,KOTA 247/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 05.020.4 2370788

63. Sh. Rajeev Solanki of M/s Rudrash TutorialsC/o. Tak Studio Building, Nayapura, KOTA 248/KOTA/ST/
CTC/2003 13.10.2003

64. Sh. Udhav Lal Soni of M/s Soni Classes5-L-4, Talwandi, KOTA-05 250/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 16.10.2003

65. Smt. Yogita Tiwari of M/s Tiwari Classes4-C-12, Talwandi, KOTA-05 256/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 17.10.
2003 2405066

66. Sh.Mahesh Kumar M/s Pleasre of Physics 5-bmain road jawahar nagar KOTA -324005 260/KOTA/st/ctc/
2003 0744-3106750

67. Sh.Vivek Taparia M/s New Tech P-23Talwandi KOTA -324005 262/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 Dt.27.10.2003

68. Sh.Sumit Arora M/s Zenith Point 78 Second Floor Kalawati Paliwal market KOTA -324007 264/KOTA/
st/ctc/2003 Dt.27.10.2003 0744-2333059

69. Sh Rakesh Mishra M/s saint Classes 1-d-37 Mahaveer Nagar Ext.KOTA 266/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 0744-

70. Sh.Kapil Kumar M/s Maruti Talents Tutorials Opp.Ummed Park ,Nayapura ,KOTA 274/kta/st/ctc/2003

71. Sh.Govind Prasad Sharma Sigma Institute b-167,Opp.DAV School Talwandi,KOTA 276/KOTA/st/ctc/
2003 2426150

72. Sh.Bharat Bhushan Pareek M/s Suganitam 4,Jawahar Nagar Main Road KOTA324005 280/KOTA/st/ctc/
2003 0744-2504511

73. Sh.Arun Kumawat M/s Dyanamic Couching Center Istitute D-3,UIT Colony, Thermak Main Road ,
Sakatpura KOTA-8 282/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 0744-3100232

74. Sh.Parag Bhargava M/s Bhargava Classes behind bakewel bakery Gummanpura KOTA-324007 283/
KOTA/st/ctc/2003 Dt.12.11.2003 0744-2390651

75. M/s Arora Classes L-B-209,Indra Vihar KOTA 287/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 11.02.04 3104807

76. Sh.Dheeraj Swami M/s Wisdom 1-kha-22,Dadabhari ,KOTA -09 310/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 Dt.19.11.2003

77. Sh.Sanjeev Rajora 567,Rajora Complex ,Chawani Main Road ,KOTA 323/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 Dt.25.11.
2003 2312145

78. M/s R.A.Sharma Classes Nr.Bhimmandi Police Station ,KOTA Jn.,KOTA 333/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 11.02.04

79. M/s Suman Sharma 1-J-21,Teachers Colony Keshovpura ,KOTA 334/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 11.02.04

80. M/s Creative English 2-R-1,Talwandi KOTA 346/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 11.02.04

81. M/s Sigma Education & Computer Classes Opp.Gurudwara ,Tipta,KOTA 347/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 11.02.04

82. M/s Singhal Commerce Classes 1063,M.nII,KOTA 359/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 11.020.4 2431117

83. M/s Jeman Maths Classes 229,Shastri Nagar KOTA 365/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 13.02.4 2500710

84. M.s Manish Classes H-400,Nr, Emmanual School Dadwara, KOTA 369/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 13.02.04

85. M/s Magamind Classes,Plot No.13 M.N.Ext.,KOTA-05 374/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 3107163

86. Mrs.Abha jain & Vimla Devi M/s The Victor Coaching Classes New post office Road ,KOTA Jn.,KOTA -02
379/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 2460057

87. M/s Chouhan Coaching Centre A-47,Subhash colony ,Kherli Phatak ,KOTA 382/KOTA/st/ctc/2003

88. sh.Parmanand Gautam M/s S.S Point 1-k-4,M.N.Ext.KOTA. 386/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 98290-99146

89. Sh.manish khatri M/s Mohak Classes 1-k-2,Vigyan nagar ,KOTA 387/KOTA/st/ctc/2003 2428861

90. M/s Goyal Classes 566, Basant Vihar, KOTA-09 413/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 17/02/04 2424050

91. M/s Vipin Buliga Mathematics Classes, 4-a-1, M.N.III,KOTA 440/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 23/02/04

92. M/s Lifeline Maths Classes, Plot.No.12, Purana Jhana Road, Vigyan Nagar,KOTA 441/KOTA/ST/CTC/
2004 23/02/04 94142-52219

93. M/s Bhawani Mathematics Classes,, Police Thana Road, Vigyan Nagar, KOTA-05 442/KOTA/
ST/CTC/2004 23/02/04 2505784

94. M/s Lakshya Coaching centre, Opp. T.T.Hospital, Keshopura, KOTA 443/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 23/02/04

95. M/s Joshico computer Education, 6-a-21, M.N.Ext., KOTA-05 445/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 23/02/04

96. M/s universal Classes 4-jh-1, Vigyan Ngar, KOTA 447/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 23/02/04 2423954

97. M/s Annu Disc Centre, 1/39, sec.1, Ganesh Talab, KOTA 448/KOTA/ST/CBL/2004 23/02/04 3102535

98. M/s Sukhiya Classes, 657-a, talwandi,KOTA 450/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 24/02/04 2434943

99. M/s Anil Kumar, 3-M-15, Talwndi, KOTA 474/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 05/03/04

100. M/s Bhatnagar Classes, 4-ch-03, Vigyan Ngar, KOTA-05 520/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 05/03/04

101. M/s Kuber Classes , 377-a, Talwandi, KOTA 546/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 15/03/04 2424308

102. M/s E-Plus Tutorials 108,Dadbari Ext,KOTA 58/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 12.01.04 3106653

103. M/s L Zebra Institute 121,Dadabari Kta 59/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 12.01.04 2500773

104. M/s Vedica Classes 801,Shastri Nagar ,Dadabari ,KOTA 60/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 12.01.04 2501062

105. Arun Bazari, Arun’s CA & Commerce Studies95-Shopping Centre,KOTA-7 60/KOTA/ST/CTC/20033.07.
2003 2425441

106. K.L.IIT-JEE Academy(a unit of Daswani Classes) 467, Modi College Raod, Dadabari Extn., KOTA-09
615/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 23/03/04 3091198

107. Smt. Kirti Singh, 5-A-8, Mahaveer Nagar-Iind, KOTA-05 627/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 24/03/04

108. Cambay Institute, 1, Teachers colony, gumanpura, KOTA-07 641/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004 29/03/04

109. Career Line Coaching Centre, Opp. Girls School, Gandhi chwok, Sultanpur, Dist. KOTA-04 658/KOTA/
ST/CTC/2004 30/03/04 224423

110. Rahul Acharya of Acharya Classes,B-314,Opp.DAV College,Talawandi,KOTA 66/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 8.
07.2003 98292-

111. Rajendra Kumar Jain, 56-A, Model town, Kherli Phatak, Civil Lines, KOTA-02 664/KOTA/ST/CTC/2004
30/03/04 2333697

112. Manoj Kumar Agarwal,B160, Opp.D.A.V.School Talwandi 69/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2429578

113. Allen Career Institute,C-210/2,Talwandi KOTA 70/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

114. M/s Nissan Science Classes 2-y-5,M.N.III,KOTA 75/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 13.01.04 2475025

115. M/s Sharma Cauching Institute 5-A-15,M.N.III,KOTA 77/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 13.01.04 2430935

116. Anurag Sharma ,Prop. of M/s Arya Bhatt Sansthan 1-B-25,Talwandi KOTA 78/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

117. Shri Anil Daswani Partner of M/s Daswani Classes467,Dadabari ,KOTA 79/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

118. Rakesh Rathi Partner M/s HOPE 306-B,Talwandi KOTA 80/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2424892

119. Samdeep Jain Partner of M/s VISION-2000Educational Services,306-B,Talwandi,KOTA 81/KOTA/ST/
CTC/2003 2424892

120. C.L>Gangan,1-PHA-8,Vigyan Nagar,KOTA 82/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2438822

121. Manisha Chaturvedi of M/s Unique Tutorials,2-Ka-4,Vigyan Nagar,KOTA 83/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

122. Radha Naklak of M/s Naklak Tutorials,1-N-15,Talwandi,KOTA 84/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2437768

123. M/s Mathematics For IIT JEE C-16,Jawahar Nagar ,KOTA 85/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 15.01 04 2424181

124. Raj Kumar Naklak of M/s Naklak Tutorials,125,Shopping Centre,KOTA 85/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

125. M/s Tripathi Classes nr.T T Hospital KOTA 86/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 15.01.04 3503268

126. Kishore Bhatia of M/s Bhatia Coaching Inst.Saray ka Sthan,Patanpole,KOTA 86/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003

127. Shri Shshir Mittle M/s Inshite Coaching Center 141-A,Talwandi KOTA 96/KOTA/ST/CTC/2003 2433425

128. M/s Saransh Tutorial 1Ka-5,Dadabari KOTA 97/KOTA/ST/CTC/04 15.01.04 2438141

129. Smt Minal Jain M/s Study Center of CommerceAducation,Mahaveer Nagar-II, KOTA 97/KOTA/ST/CTC/

Jet, Sahara, Air Deccan and other airlines hikes price again

Jet Airways and Air Sahara is going to increase in fuel surcharge on their tickets. This is the result of rise in recent fuel price hike. Jet Airways and Air Sahara have decided to hike Rs.150 in fuel surcharge. Similiarly SpiceJet too is going to hike price by Rs.150. Air Deccan is also planning to give somewhat near to 100-150 increament in fuel surcharge.

This will be the third increament in air fares in last four months due ot increasing fuel prices.