Showoff in Doodhwala’s functions in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is known as the city of multinational companies and MNC executive. But I suppose that Gurgaon is the city of doodhwala’s and so called zamindar (farmers).

Most of the big commercial and business real estates in gurgaon came in existence after the collaboration with Gurgaon land owners. Most of them are Yadav, Jaat or Kumhar in Gurgaon. Not long time ago they were not able to afford even a scooter and good food. But now they don’t talk about any car below then Scoda. When it comes to showoff, hats off to these guys.

Yesterday I was in function of same type of guys. He has the collaboration in two big commercial buildings at prime location in Gurgaon. No idea about Rental by other residential property, its huge. The occasion was lagan (engagement) of his brother. Function is no less then a big marriage. Wonderful tent setup. There were about 45 round table with sitting capacity of 6 on each table. Out of those on about 35 table was with two wines bottles and fully occupied. I was with my friend. With him I met with guys on at least 5 different tables. Great all were millionaire. Talk to them and god its like you are talking to a criminal, murderer, 100% illiterate and non sense guy. I suppose condition was same on each table.

Now see heights of showoff
Host to everybody
– You know there were 18 red light cars at entry during the of ceremony.
– From DLF, Vatika top shots to small dealer everybody is present here.
– Chahey ek peti piye koi chahey 1 bottal, koi sahi halat mein ghar nahi jana chahiye.
– Bhai badi bat kar di …. Tu ek peti daur ki ghar liye bager nahi jayega
– You can see the Scoda, Endeavour, Sonata and some other good cars just at entry(one can figure out its just showoff)

So much money is going in the hands of these types of guys. I don’t see a good future and culture in Gurgaon.

God help Gurgaon.

Gurgaon Power … No power

The problem of electricity in Gurgaon is getting worse day by day. I don’t know when the occupancy of properties in Gurgaon will increase after the residential projects will complete on Sohna Road and Golf course road, then from where will get the power.

I wish some private player should think of coming here coz we (at least I) are not bothered to pay extra for electricity but it has to be uninterrupted.

New India Assurance Company

I have heard some thing new about this company today….

They have an insurance policy which they only offer to individuals who belong to metro cities ONLY. I went to the company’s Divisional Office in Gurgaon and they told me this. Is Gurgaon still a Gaon?? What the Hell !!!

Reliance BlackBerry : Stupid phone

I am so fed up with the stupid models from Reliance communication that I have no choice but to pick up a Nokia 2505 for me and my wife. I just heard that Reliance have got Blackberry in the their range, but when I saw one, it looked more like a toy rather than a phone, have a look at the pic that the company has shown here and do visit the Reliance web world to see the TOYS priced between Rs. 22000 – Rs. 35000/- ONLY.

Reliance Mobile: Handsets no good.

I have been waiting for a decent handset from Reliance coz I am fed up of using the stupid LG lower end handset. This is company is really not concerned with the higher end customers, the latest high end handsets are :

LG Chocolate (review not at all good)

Motorola Motorazr (Priced at 12,500/-, not at all worth it)

Nokia 6280 (users says that there is some problem with the display, priced at 15,500/-)

Got the news a few days back that Reliance Telecom is coming up with Blackberry in a month, If the features suits to me, I’ll have to take one, since I have no choice.

Why Americans prefer live in relations instead of Marriages

I was just reading my gmail and landed up at some articles and after reading that its very easy to figure out that its good to be in live in relations instead of Married life.

Michael Jordan married with Juanita, a bank officer in 1989. Over the period of total time of marriage Michael has earned about $350 Million dollars infact much more then that I calculate all the means of earnings. Now the divorce case is pending between them. If Juanita press hard for the half she could get the settlement of about $150 million.

This is not the only case, here are few old cases of high profile divorce settlement.

Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphey. Estimated settlement: $150 million. Divorced After 25 years of married life.

Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving. Estimated settlement: $100 million. Divorced after 4 years of married life

Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison. Estimated settlement: $85 million. After 12 years of married life.

Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva. Estimated settlement: $80 million. Divorced after 16 years of married life.

Paul McCartney & Heather Mills. Settlement pending: Possibly more than $60 million. The former Beatle wed Mills, a model-activist 30 years his junior.

James Cameron & Linda Hamilton. Estimated settlement: $50 million
Michael & Diandra Douglas. Estimated settlement: $45 million + two big homes in major cities.

Lionel & Diane Richie. Estimated settlement: $20 million. 36 year old wed with 18 year old girl. Among her claims: a monthly clothing allowance of $15,000; $50,000 a month for manicures, massages and other personal services; and a plastic surgery budget of $20,000 a year.

Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall. Estimated settlement: $15 to $25 million

Its court getting tough or media is bringing the justice

Soren is in jail, Prison sentence to Navjot Singh Sidhu, live sentence to Manu Sharma, Vikas Yadav son of DP Yadav and Amardeep Singh Gill gets 4 year of imprisonment, finalizing the case of Sanjay Dutt, conviction of Sharda Jain, soft hands on Bina Ramani as she is prime eyewitness of an important case and list goes on.

Is all this signifying that court in India is now a days getting tough and free of political pressures to give the good decisions. Or its media which is bringing each and every details of high profile case in front of public as a results its very difficult to play with the fact and figures of judicial system. Which ultimately rules out the possibility to manipulate with high profile cases.

Any way now at least people are thinking twice before stating that I am so and so or is son of so and so.

Lets see what’s the impact of that is going on.