Google Analytics should compare site traffic like Alexa

I am a regular user of analytics and I don’t know if multiple site traffic comparison feature is available in Google analytics or not … like the one there is Alexa. Alexa data, since it from its own toolbar user database is not reliable or we can not the exact data.

Google Yahoo MSN data comparasion on Alexa

Either Google Analytics should start the service of analyzing data for multiple web sites (definitely, that are present in the analytics account), coz must be many people who have 2 – 3 web site of the same Industry. Alternatively, Alexa can come up with a service a like Google analytics for the same service. Obviously, Alexa will always have an advantage, that it can compare the data of the web sites in competition.

Home Center by Lifestyle

Had a visit at this place in the MGF Plaza mall…. I was actually looking for furniture for decorating my kids room but found out that they only keep at the most 2 design for the kids furniture. As far as I know, this is the largest furniture showroom I have ever seen in India. They have more than 20 varieties of bedrooms available for display. Other than that they have dining tables, sofa sets, rocking chairs, computer tables. The prices are definitely at a higher side, but its worth having a visit to know the latest design available in the market.

Tata Safari DICOR VTT 2.2

I donno about this car but one of my close friends is looking to buy this vehicle. Fortunately both of us were at the TATA Dhingra motor service station today for getting out own TATA Safari serviced. Saw a number of customers with Tata Safari turbo VTT 2.2 telling their bad experience bout the vehicle. One of them was a guy who had purchased a new one day before yesterday and now standing at the workshop to get the CD changes as well as the “Fuel Pump” repaired. This is insane!!!

Audi A4 : Tested it today

Well that’s true a close friend of mine is planning to take one and both of us had a test drive today at the Audi showroom in Sector 53. Well I was told that it is the best and the biggest showroom in India at the moment. Had a look at almost all the models A4 A6 Q7 and Audi TT.

Well, there’s no doubt Audi TT was the best among the all in looks as well as specs. but the price is also the best nearly 55 Lakhs bucks.

Talking about the Audi A4, I drove it for 16 kms and yes.. it’s damn good in driving comfort, accessories, internal monitoring and control systems. Definitely I can’t compare the same segment cars of Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW etc etc as this was the first time I drove a 32 lakhs sedan. This car has 14 internal speakers with fantastic sound quality and a preinstalled screen which will tell you almost each and every activated function you are using while driving it. Auto and 7 manual gears and a reverse gear (8 gears in all), a superb display panel for the driver with almost all the things a driver would like to have. Sun and moon roof, automatic climate control, front and rear parking sensors.. blah blah blah. And in the end my friend booked one.

The delivery of his car is in October now and I’m waiting for it too. Will write a more detailed review as soon as I drive it again.. and hopefully to Goa.

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By Utsav Singhal

Starring: Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan
Produced and directed by Aamir Khan

The seemingly endless wait is over. The perfectionist superstar is back with his directorial debut after a wait of 18 months since Fanaa and the real KING of the jungle has made his mark.

Ehsaan Awasthi (Darsheel) is just another kid around, caught in the puzzle of bde9pqrstuvwxyz yet shining in his own world, only to find himself isolated at the end of the day. He stands tall even as he sees his brother outrun others and others outrun him by miles. At the back of his mind, in this world, lies a canvas ready to be painted with fearless thoughts, seen by his parents as some useless crap.

Unable to withstand this crap, his parents send him off to a boarding school which only worsens the situation. Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir) takes charge as the new art teacher only to notice the so far unnoticed potential of the boy and helps him in unleashing it.

Darsheel was handpicked by Aamir’s production house from amongst 5000 kids from across the nation and later by Aamir himself from the final 25 of them. Surely this masterpiece deserves 5 stars as it surely is a shining jewel in the crown of the superstar. HATS OFF……….

Bhool bhulaiya

By Utsav Singhal 

Shiney Ahuja is an NRI who returns to India to complete a business project along with his wife (Vidya Balan). Along the shores of Banaras stays his family which has (read had) been ruling the city since long. The newly married couple decides to live in the royal Haveli which was once abandoned after it was “haunted” by spirit of a dancer which lead to a series of tragic events thereafter.

Without the knowledge of the whole family, Vidya Balan unlocks the haunted room, thereby “freeing” the spirit. A series of accidents and mishaps takes place. Acharya Yagya Prakash who stopped the spirit the last time is away and no respite is in sight. As things get out of hand, Shiney Ahuja calls for Akshay Kumar, his friend and a famous psychiatrist, to crack the code.

After Parineeta and Lage Raho Munnabhai this has been another STUNNING performance by Vidya Balan. Hats off to the dances and music (by Pritam). The film loses a bit on “sense of humor” front unlike previous Priyadarshan flicks but in no case it deserves less than 3 stars.With an edge-of-the-seat climax, this family flick is a must see for every die hard fan of Akshay Kumar – Rajpal Yadav – Paresh Rawal – Priyadarshan Masala (AKA bhagam bhag / garam Masala)

Innova Spare Parts are costly

Just visited the Toyota Showroom in Gurgaon at the IDC Gurgaon coz I was looking for some accessories for the Innova. I ‘v got the list and prices of the stuff that I was looking for :
A Rear View Mirror (chrome) : Rs. 4500/-
A pair of fog lamps : Rs. 8000/-
A Pair of footrest : Rs. 6000/-

Damn costly… I got all that from outside dealer in Rs. 5000/-. What the hell!!!

Mileage!!!! Talk CNG

Well while our visit to Chokhi Dhani Resort, we have tried the CNG kit in our new Jaguar. I got an average of 96 Paisay per KM. Performance is almost the same as petrol coz I managed to run it at 135 Kmph. This is good man…. but the worst part was that we could not find a CNG outlet at Jaipur. Rajasthan has only LPG stations. Overall the nice trip and a great value for money, at least you are driving a luxury car at the running cost of a bike.

Chokhi Dhani Resort Jaipur

We just had a stay at the Choki Dhani Resort : A Heritage resort in Jaipur which is very famous nowadays for its village like atmosphere and Food specially. They have more than 100 rooms which are worked with paintings and glasswork from inside. Bathrooms are regular, you will find that the room entrance door is exactly like you have in the village (the chain lash) system.

Apart from the room, the reception is impressive. I had an opportunity to visit the Bar and its good. Overall it’s an above average hotel coz I think that there are many improvements that can be done in the rooms as well as the garden areas to make. I have seen some heritage hotels in Jodhpur and they are awesome and better.

Bank of India : No Relationship No Banking

So, here’s the story of me and Bank of India. My father has many bank accounts with “Bank of India” since 1984. He forced me to have my account with them too since we have a good relationship with them and that we the biggest mistake I did.

I opened an account with them for my Handicrafts Export Business. I had a good amount of sale and got payment in US Dollars from my Canadian Buyer. Since the Cheque was from Canada, then Forex Department THOUGHT that the cheque is in Candian Dollars and they remitted the amount in Canadian Dollar, that dispute wasn’t over and a new thing happened, they lost a cheque of mine of a fair good amount from Australia, then found it after 15 days and then it was sent for collection and the third dispute over interests. The story is not over, there are many more things going on still now.

Now I have finally decided to shift to some other bank. Well, I know that for exporters, this is not a good time for Business, but the bank is the one who can be a real culprit and can happen to be a mosquito in the game to suck your blood.