Chokhi Dhani Resort Jaipur

We just had a stay at the Choki Dhani Resort : A Heritage resort in Jaipur which is very famous nowadays for its village like atmosphere and Food specially. They have more than 100 rooms which are worked with paintings and glasswork from inside. Bathrooms are regular, you will find that the room entrance door is exactly like you have in the village (the chain lash) system.

Apart from the room, the reception is impressive. I had an opportunity to visit the Bar and its good. Overall it’s an above average hotel coz I think that there are many improvements that can be done in the rooms as well as the garden areas to make. I have seen some heritage hotels in Jodhpur and they are awesome and better.

Rajasthali: The Rajasthan Handicrafts Emporium at Jaipur

Well, this was the place I actually like on the Mirza Ismail (M I) Road at Jaipur. Not because it has the best quality products, but because of the competitive prices as compared to the other Government Emporiums. I have visited the Rajasthali at the Baba Kharag Singh Marg to Connaught Place at Delhi and its condition is really miserable.

Jaipur’s Rajasthali has got the best variety of crafts at good prices, ofcourse the prices are not very low, but its Ok. I saw a Wooden Dining table set with complete work for 8 people over there in 65000 bucks, INR obviously. If you can get the same one in delhi for more than 1.5 Lakhs. Of course I have been in Handicrafts like for the past 4 years, but I know the margins that they are charging is much fair than the others.

Tragic death of 5 in the flood of Pali Rajasthan

11 hours of wait and watch show of death. 100s of viewers, 5 lifes were on bait and not even a single life got saved.

In the Khari river of Pali, Rajasthan, 5 people tried to cross the bridge on Indica car, but water got overflowed and high speed flood water trapped them all. 100s of people gathered near to river. They were watching them trying to survive in between the river. Very soon local police officials, army even the environment minister of Rajasthan was there on that tragic place. According to Environment Minister Dave they tried very hard to get those people out of that river. The victims were holding just one rope of bridge. They all came on the roof of car, were waiving their hands for help, they were crying. And one by one they became the victim of flood water. This complete episode runs for about 11 hours.

How tragic was the situation. Government had more then 10 hours to save the life of 5 common people. Only one crain or some divers were not the solution out there to pull them out of such a high tide water. I cant imagine that even one helicopter was not available to rescue them. In todays high-tech life, where India is able to compete with worlds power, doesn’t have any facility to rescue people out of flooded river that’s too when they have plenty of time. I ask a question if instead of those common guys some minister would have been stuck out there, were the complete system would let him go like those 5 innocent people.

On top of that just see how ministers are reacting on this tragic events. Environment Minister said police and local people ask those victims not to cross river as its risky. I agree they took the wrong step but that doesn’t means their life is not worthy enough to call emergency situation type rescue like chopper or some experts. Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje Scindia saying that they have done the best. She stated that should a minister jump in such a high tide water to rescue them. Madam nobody is asking you to jump in water but at least things should be taken seriously.

Tour by Volvo from Delhi to Jaipur

This was my first experience of Volvo. I took the Volvo early in the morning say at 6 from Bikaner House, New Delhi. No doubt bus was confortable but its not luxary as i heard from many people. Leg space was good. AC was really effective all way the tour. Interior was just ok not very good. According to me there should be a provison of TV on Volvo at least so that the guy who dont sleep during journey can have some entairtenment. The luggage are above the seats was pathetic according to me. There was a complete rod between the passage from where we put our bags. There was not sufficient space even to insert my laptop bag.

In the evening i came back by normal non-AC bus of RTDC, it was almost comfortable, if we ignore problem of AC out of that. I had travel in AC bus of RTDC its comfortable. All the buses of RTDC to Jaipur take break at Midway bohrod Jaipur . So no luxary at break point too. Same treatment to the travelers for all the buses.

If somebody says that i cant go to Jaipur because Volvo of RTDC is not available, then i suggest to him go to AC bus its almost as comfortable as Volvo