Safdarjang Hyundai – Painful Experience

Well, these guys are new in Gurgaon compare to the Orion Hyundai workshop but they have defiantly got a better name Orion. My experience was truly not good with these guys. I don’t know about the service section guys but the insurance claim and the body shop guys are really cunning or maybe inexperienced. Here’s the whole story.

My dad and driver on the way to Mathura had an accident with the tractor trolly and the car (Hyundai accent) was hit on the left side damaging 2 doors, bo-nut and tail light. Thankfully nobody was injured. Just because of a better brand value, we went to Sufdarjung Hyundai workshop in Gurgaon Udyog Vihar for repair and insurance claim of the vehicle. The guys sitting in the body shop inspected that car and said that they would like to REPLACE every damaged part. I insisted on repairing of the parts but they said that the survey is to be done first and then it will be decided that whatever is to be replaced and repaired. I was called again in the evening to meet the surveyor and have a discussion with him on the same issue. It was then decided that all the damaged parts are repairable and does not need to be replaced. Thankfully, I was not carrying the company seal which was needed to fill the insurance claim papers.

The next day when I went to the workshop for the sealing and signing the papers, the workshop guys told me that the doors cannot be repaired and the need to be replaces. When I asked then about the talks with the surveyor I was told that

Who the hell is surveyor to tell us that the part is to be repaired or replaced.

My god!!! This was first time I had ever heard anything like that. I asked the gentleman that when the surveyor has passed the repairing of that parts,,, how can you replace them and who will pay the depreciation for it. He has the same answer that

We Don’t know Who the hell is surveyor to tell us that the part is to be repaired or replaced . If you want the work to start, you will have to get the parts replaced.

Well.. I had no option, but to take my vehicle back from the workshop since these guys think that they are superior than the insurance companies. These guys are more interested in their sale rather than benefiting the customers. At last when I asked this Body Shop guy to give me his visiting card he refused and said there’s no use, I won’t give it coz I know you will make a complaint. Boss, if you know that the customer is gonna make a complaint then you know that you are doing a mistake. And you should also know that there are more than 1000 ways that I can arrange your card.

Now I am getting my car REPAIRED at another authorized workshop of Hyundai without paring a single penny in depreciation. I personally recommend the owners of damaged or accidental cars to be cautious with Safdarjang Hyundai while making the estimates.

Dr Neeraj Jain, Bhilwara : not a nice doctor

I went to see this doctor today to get a routine health check done for my kids. This doc is so irritated most of the time that he does not care what is he talking and whom he is talking to. He thinks that it his right to scold each and every person entering into his clinic and it’s his sweet will to treat the patient or not.

Boss .. you are seriously mistaken. You are being paid for the consultation you give you are doing nothing for charity you understand. If you think that you are the only doc left in the country, then forget. You must have heard a sentence har insaan and accha aur buraa din jaroor aata hai you are nice doc.. so people want to see you but you may also have bad days.. a since you have a good clientele that doesn’t mean you can take whatever liberty you want to take with your patients …. and the first and the foremost thing you should learn is . MIND YOUR LANGUAGE

Management Theories !!!!

Well, I have to say one thing ….. They are easy to understand and Damn difficult to apply in the RIGHT way.

Now I can understand how TATA Ambanis and Birlas manage so many businesses sitting on a single table with a whole lot of data. The Systems needs to be in place and the one most important thing that you need to take care off is …. TIME

Weather changes..

From the last few days, weather is taking a gentle turn towards the winters and smaller days. I’d love to go out for a holiday down south to Ooty or Goa but can’t go cos of the work pressure and competition in the field especially Real Estate. Sometimes I feel to shut down everything and take a year’s vacation.

First customer of Max Hospital Gurgaon

Apparently, I have been contacting spinal doctors for some relative. I just called a doc of Indian Spinal Injuries who said the he can see me in MAX HOSPITAL Gurgaon in Sushant lok. To my utter surprise as I entered the hospital, I was stopped by a guard in the main gate who sweetly asked me to get out of the vehicle and gave me a Valet No. 001 and greeted me that I am the first customer of the Hospital. He took the car and parked it into the parking. This is good … really good… five star services in a five star hospital.

Naturopathy : the best way to be fit

Naturopathy : the best way to be fit

I have been visiting the naturopathy institutes in Haryana for taking treatment for the last 3 years. Earlier I used to take the treatment at Vardaan Aarogya Sansthan at Najafgarh but the sad thing is it closed coz of low market exposure. Now I visited the Sanjeevni Kaya Shodhan Sansthan at Gohana. The place is perfect health centre with great facilities and low charges. For a non AC room they charge Rs. 800/- a day and for AC Rs 1100/- per person, which includes room rent, food, treatment, yoga classes, meditation classes, gym, Acupressure.


By Ratika Goel

I’m going to tell you exactly what all the students of class 11th and 12th think. With so much competition and our future on stake…CBSE and NCERT are out for our lives. Ever since they have changed the syllabus for class 10th, 11th, 12th they have not stuck to one syllabus for more than a year. Every year I get to hear from teachers “This chapter won’t be there in the syllabus next year”. I mean its CRAZY. It is hard to pass the entrance and CBSE is cutting down the syllabus and NCERT is trying to make our chapters east and they are deleting important chapters and important points. We HAVE to stick to our reference books no matter what, if we want to pass our entrance exams. CBSE Board Papers have very good question but where are the answers??? NCERT book don’t provide answers to their own questions and again we need to dig our heads in the reference books for the answers. I’m a class 12th student and I had to buy reference book for all 4 subjects and all my NCERT books are stacked away in a corner and there is 2-inch thick layer of dust staring at me. And after all this, my teachers ask me to write answers according to NCERT. That’s STUPID and NON-SENSE. If the can’t provide
answers to our question why do they even have those silly books. I saw the new NCERT books of 11th for biology and I felt sick to my stomach. That book has just got stupid colored pictures and I was not even able to see anything in those diagrams. The text is so
short and it doesn’t explain anything. Its better that we buy reference books than these useless NCERT books.

All I can say is that CBSE and NCERT books don’t really understand what they are trying to do to us. And if they don’t stop these changes which are not helping in anyway, we will have to think about taking admission in schools with ICSE board.

Motorola Gurgaon: No care of Suppliers

Neither we are supplying any parts for their phone nor are we in SCM for them. We supply real estate services to the company. But the management does not care for the agents which supply properties for their employees. The commission is remitted in 2 months, and foremost the concerned lady in the department has 10 forms to fill and then loosing the form 2 times coz se TOO MUCH WORK TO DO!!

Strange, that these multinationals do not know how to manage their time and resources. I hope that Motorola after reading this compliant will hold classes for their employees on Time Management.