Pakistan admitted 26/11 attack ploting in its land

At last Pakistan admitted that 26/11 plot was planned on its soil. It toll total 79 days to admit them. It is the international pressure and strong evidence given by India that compelled Pak to acknowledge guilty of its citizens and system. It also accepted that the people behind the plan are from Lashker-e-Taiba and they have the aligned with ISI.

Obama govt played a big role in this development. Soon Obama assumed office, US withheld the aid of $55million which Pak was getting to fight against Terror. The govt. asked pak to give credible report that money is actually using in fighting against terrorism. Obama asked President Zardari to do the full cooperation in 26/11 invesitgation.

Pak Interior Minister Rehman Malik admitted that 26/11 attack was partly planned in Pakistan and Kasab is Pakistani. Terrorist started mission from Karanchi. Boats and rubber Dinghies used in process are from Pakistan. Terrorist went for training to unknown place(Pakistan). Most importantly they are admitting that Jihadi outfits have aligned with ISI.

Now big question is that after all these do anybody have the guts to ask pakistant to trash the Terrorist camps running in Pakistan. Stop the activities of terror groups. Make ISI accountable for terror activities and eliminate the ISI official responsible from organization and sue against them.

Is Bajaj getting over Hero Honda?

Being into the Real Estate consultancy in Gurgaon, I have come across many companies in IMT Manesar, Udyog Vihar, Pace City and Infocity who have been supplying spare parts to Hero Honda and Maruti Udyog. What these people say is that Hero Honda is very shy nowadays in production. The reason is that, they are loosing market share. Then who is gaining the market share? No doubt, the answer is Bajaj Auto. With so many new models coming up, Pulsar, DTSi, Discover DTSi, Platina very frequently into the market, I feel that CONSTANTLY INNOVATING is where Hero Honda is loosing. There’s a recent news also that Hero Honda is coming up with a plant in Uttaranchal also, that may be to get the tax benefits and other stuff. But I feel that the company while cutting their cost should concentrate more on new models. Splendor is the only model I think is going good in the market, other models are so so and the company cannot rely on just one model for its survival.

Which is the best brand?

Which is the best brand?

I went through a business magazine today, its about the best brands in India. What they have done is that they have decided the top brands without segregating the industry. Like they have given that Maruti is No 1 brand in INDIA and follows, Lux, Times of India and many more companies. Don’t you think that there has to be a proper way of segregation of each brand?

I personally feel that brands should be ranked in their own Industry. I cannot compete the brand called “SKODA” with “INTEL” but I can compare “SKODA” with “MERCEDES”.

Well, I guess it’s a nice idea to compare the brands lets do it our blog right away.

Question : Is Venture Capital loan or Equity??

A well known bank has claimed that the venture capital to a company and now they have claimed that the venture capital can be converted into debt.

Also they now claim that VENTURE CAPITAL concept in India is different than the concept of the other countries are using. In India Venture Capital is considered as a loan rather than equity and equity linked instrument.

Also this bank is claiming that they don’t come under the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Boards of India) Guidelines.

Well, I think that these banks need to be taught now that what exactly venture capital is and how it is used.

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Dress Code for Charted Accountants in India

Institute of Charted Accountants of India is in final phase to give a recommendation of dress code for practising CAs. According to ICAI president TN Manoharan the proposal would not be mendatory. It will be more of recommendations.

The code would not be for day to day affairs, but it will be for meetings, conferences or representations. According to Manoharan it would be applicable for professionals working independantly or partnerships. The person working for a company would accomply with the codes of the company.

IIM in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai in Pipeline

So the good news for management students is that the current IIM’s (Indian Institute of Management) has suggested the government to go for IIM’s in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. I personally feel that more IIM is the need for current management education system. I am personally an MBA from SPJIMR, and I know how difficult it is to get into these A Class institutes.

The only thing I would suggest the IIM’s is to maintain the quality of management education they give. SPJIMR instead of starting up management institute in India itself, is going abroad. I feel that they also should have some more branches in India only.