New TFTs in office

One more progress in office

All 10 Computers Monitors replaced by TFT. Its really cool to work on TFTs in comparison to LCD monitors. Huge power savings, no tension of load on inverters during power cuts, long backups.

Practically now its Uninterrupted work for complete working hours.

What One Require in the Life….

“Evryone seems to be running just blindly, without even knowing exactly what ONE requires in the Life.”

  • Is it Money n Power?
  • Is it Name n Fame?
  • or Is it Happiness above all?

“Thus ONE is always facing a lot of Confusions/ new challenges/ Achievements YET frustrations following always and the one feels that HE didn’t get anything evantually”

Is the Vision of your Life clear to you …? Are you sure you don’t face Negativity in the Life ever …?

What is Negativity, and How is this created …?

How is one’s destiny made …?

How Life Mechanism operates and How Nature Controls everything …?

Ask the Question, Get the Answers  …