Chief Minister Karunanidhi on 4 hour Hunger Strike

I think this is the world record in Hunger Strike. Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Karunanidhi started fasting on 27th April morning. The stike was for poor tamils who were killed in Sri Lanka during the war of Army and LTTE.  And lot of political drama happened.

Main Point : this was supposed to be indefinite strike and lasted only for four hour. That’s too whole time he was sleeping in front of two coolers. Strike started after good breakfast and ended with lunch.

Jai Ho…

Karunanidhi on Hunger Strike

The younger Saas than Bahus : Ekta Kapoor

You know, the serial “Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi” is so inspiring for the Saas (Old Ladies). The point is that the “Saas” in the serial have a heavier make up than the “Bahus” along with Designer Sarees and the designer jewelry. The serial is an inspiration for the Saas to look better than the Bahus. In the Serial “Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi”, The “Chachi Saas” of Tulsi – “Daksha Chachi” is looking far younger that the Bahu.

We need to ask something to Ekta Kapoor. What kind of Shampoos, Skin Care Creams, body care lotions and stuff are the Chachis and the Dadis of these serials are using ???

article by : Babloo Singh

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother

After big boss its time of big brother in news. UK based reality show is in news now a days reason being Shilpa Shetty is in that show. Other housemates are Carole, Cleo, Danielle Lloyd, Dirk, Donny, Lan H, Jack, Jackiey, Jade, Jermaine Jackson, Jo, Ken and Leo.

According to Shilpa “I have zero expectations. The only thing I really hope to keep is my self-respect and my dignity.”

Her culture, way of living and thinking is altogether different from all the home mates, still she has picked up quickly out there. She is teaching the meditation to mates.

Bollywood is spreading its wings to international entertainment industry…

Nobody is born a Terrorist

By Ratika Goel

In a movie or in our TV soaps or even in real life, when a baby comes out of the womb, the doctor exclaims, “Congratulations! It’s a Boy!!!” or “Congratulations! It’s a Girl!!!” but he never says, “I’m sorry to tell you but it’s a terrorist! When a boy learns to hold a cricket bat or a pencil in his hand, he tells you proudly, “Mom I want to be a cricketer or a teacher one day.” but he never comes up to you holding a gun in his hand and says, “Mom I want to be a terrorist.” Then how do these young, smart men become what they are?

As the world is progressing fast, population, corruption, taxes, job opportunities or even TERRORISM. It is becoming an exciting job for these young men who are not dumb or geeks that they cannot study or make money. They are bomb making experts, planners, trained pilots, knowing exactly what they want and finding violence to be the only means of getting their point across. Terrorists not only get money from their base organisation but also get protection for their families.

We will never know the real reason why these men do these things and what they get out of it. When Osama bin laden planned to attack World Trade Center, nobody was aware about his disastrous plans. The very next day after the attack, news channels flashed “Muslims overjoyed; praise men who sacrificed there lives, worship Osama for his bravery and master planning”. After all what they wanted to convey to President Bush was that he should not consider himself and his country as the world power and everybody’s big brother.

What goes on in the mind of a terrorist is unpredictable but we do know that if the needs of these young aggressive men are not satisfied in the initial stage, they will make the world hear it in any way they want.