Brazil’s National Underwear Day 2009

National Underwear Day in Brazil

Brazilians celebrated The third National Underwear Day on 17th Feb 2009 at Brasillia downtown. The underwear Day was first organized in New York city in 2003 to help to develop the Brazilian underwear industry. The event was organized by Fashion website Finissimo. All the male and female models came at Brasillia’s bus station and distributed the broachers and get photographed.

I am reading this news from last three days, I am wondering if this day has to be organize in India, who is going to take care of security of these babes and babas as well :P. That day would be the national holiday for Indians to see the parade on road. One can skip 26 Jan parade but I bet most of the Indian will not skip this.

Which is better Sony Playstation , Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii?

Well, I am planning to take one in office. Right from the day we folks got into business, we have never looked back and now, its time to relax and get back to gameinghood. I’v been crazy about games right from my childhood, I remember playing Sinclair games in late 80’s (packman, spaceship…), Atari games in early 90’s, samurai late 90’s and after that there was no time. And now, since it’s the playstation and the xbox age, I can understand that there’s no comparison of PC to Xbox or Playstation. I tried many games on my laptop now but I’m not happy with the performance even after playing on Nvidia Grapic Cards, and 2 GB Ram. Recently I’ve tried GTA San Andreas for PC, but I’m not very happy playing it coz of slow performance and I’ve got GTA 4 in my buying list. But now I’m confused that which one is better in all and why, in terms of price, compatibility, hardware and games availability and or course ….FUNNN

So need some suggestions from guys with experience …

New TFTs in office

One more progress in office

All 10 Computers Monitors replaced by TFT. Its really cool to work on TFTs in comparison to LCD monitors. Huge power savings, no tension of load on inverters during power cuts, long backups.

Practically now its Uninterrupted work for complete working hours.

Helicopter or a Luxury Car

A Helicopter manufacturing company called Eurocopter is planning to target the Indian Luxury car market… hah what a news!!!! This company is going to target the luxury car owners, hospitals, hotels and corporate giants and Business Houses to buy a helicopter than a Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or a Lamborghini.

The company claims that India has only 160 civilian helicopters. In the next five years, the country will have about 1,000 helicopters, apart from those used by the armed forces. The best part is Eurocopter will tie up financing for customers to buy their helicopters. Industry sources say that you need to pay an upfront 10 per cent of the cost of the helicopter (the price of an entry level model chopper can begin from Rs 9 crore).

Delhi – Rohtak – Jind – Dariba(Sangroor) – Ludhiana – Dariba – Partna – Bahadurgarh – Delhi

After many years, in last two days I traveled in roadways buses so much in one go. I was on marriage of one of my friend. First I booked the ticket Shatabdi Express to Ludhiana directly (Venue of Marriage), but friend called up and strictly invited me to his hometown. It was a very small town of Punjab. Its called as Dariba in Sangroor, Punjab. The complete travel was great for me. Had lot of mast mast experiences. Lot of Sardars, 12 bajey wali harkatey. :D

That was my first visit to that side. I am not allowed to take car for such a long route alone, I plan to go by bus then. I was in short of time so I went to piragarhi, did not waited for direct bus, took the bus for Rohtak, from their it’s the bus for Jind, then I finally got the bus toward Sangroor. By which I went to Dariba around 25 km before main Sangroor. I joined the complete barat. We went to Ludhiana, the venue of function. The marriage arrangement was wonderful, everything went smooth. Next morning after having breakfast I took the bus to Partna from Dariba, from Partna I got the bus to Delhi. I left the bus at bahadurgarh, from where I took the bus to nazafgarh and I am back to home now.

Overall the trip was great. Had lot of wonderful experience. I am happy that I attended the marriage of that friend. He is very good friend of mine, staying most of the time in USA. I met him say after about 3 years.

God give him a happy married life.