Delhi – Rohtak – Jind – Dariba(Sangroor) – Ludhiana – Dariba – Partna – Bahadurgarh – Delhi

After many years, in last two days I traveled in roadways buses so much in one go. I was on marriage of one of my friend. First I booked the ticket Shatabdi Express to Ludhiana directly (Venue of Marriage), but friend called up and strictly invited me to his hometown. It was a very small town of Punjab. Its called as Dariba in Sangroor, Punjab. The complete travel was great for me. Had lot of mast mast experiences. Lot of Sardars, 12 bajey wali harkatey. :D

That was my first visit to that side. I am not allowed to take car for such a long route alone, I plan to go by bus then. I was in short of time so I went to piragarhi, did not waited for direct bus, took the bus for Rohtak, from their it’s the bus for Jind, then I finally got the bus toward Sangroor. By which I went to Dariba around 25 km before main Sangroor. I joined the complete barat. We went to Ludhiana, the venue of function. The marriage arrangement was wonderful, everything went smooth. Next morning after having breakfast I took the bus to Partna from Dariba, from Partna I got the bus to Delhi. I left the bus at bahadurgarh, from where I took the bus to nazafgarh and I am back to home now.

Overall the trip was great. Had lot of wonderful experience. I am happy that I attended the marriage of that friend. He is very good friend of mine, staying most of the time in USA. I met him say after about 3 years.

God give him a happy married life.

What One Require in the Life….

“Evryone seems to be running just blindly, without even knowing exactly what ONE requires in the Life.”

  • Is it Money n Power?
  • Is it Name n Fame?
  • or Is it Happiness above all?

“Thus ONE is always facing a lot of Confusions/ new challenges/ Achievements YET frustrations following always and the one feels that HE didn’t get anything evantually”

Is the Vision of your Life clear to you …? Are you sure you don’t face Negativity in the Life ever …?

What is Negativity, and How is this created …?

How is one’s destiny made …?

How Life Mechanism operates and How Nature Controls everything …?

Ask the Question, Get the Answers  …



I found this heading as the most appropriate for my post, the second best would have been kela. This describes the state of mind of the present generation, our generation.

There’s a girl whom I found on internet, on one of the common socializing networks; I found her description good and thus want to be friend with her.

Here starts the situation for which I have named this blog as above. There was a common friend, a common institution and hence I approached her; all online. I guess even she must have liked my description, so gaadi nikal pari.

After a few weeks of chatting, I asked for her number and she politely refused saying that since she belongs to a very decent family and hence cant give. Oyee, hum kya lukhe hain?

Then again after a few months I asked her if she gotta pic online, dekhain to sahee yeh traditional girl kaise dikhti hai. Again NO, as she now too belongs to the same family and hence cant send her pic online.

So far so good, I was wondering as what has happened to my dignity and why am I chatting with her ? probably because by now I have started liking her; well you cant expect better from Delhi boys anyways. So, it became a routine phenomenon. Tabh laga aree enough is enough.

Then I deleted her from all the messengers, from my friend list. Obviously she came to know about it, asked me and I had no explanations.

I still don’t have any explanation.

I am waiting for your opinion, your advice. Can you help me out ?

 Hannah Muntana

Acquarium in Our Office….

One more addition in our office decor. We have got one big aquarium. It has two pair of gold fish, a pair of black gold fish, a pair of sugar fish, a sucker and a Shark. The movement of Fishes is looking awesome. I love my office more now.

Wonderful interior of aquarium with a combination of air filter, heater, air pump, lights and good combination of plants, stones and small show items.

Thanks to our team. :)