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Had a visit at this place in the MGF Plaza mall…. I was actually looking for furniture for decorating my kids room but found out that they only keep at the most 2 design for the kids furniture. As far as I know, this is the largest furniture showroom I have ever seen in India. They have more than 20 varieties of bedrooms available for display. Other than that they have dining tables, sofa sets, rocking chairs, computer tables. The prices are definitely at a higher side, but its worth having a visit to know the latest design available in the market.

Dr Neeraj Jain, Bhilwara : not a nice doctor

I went to see this doctor today to get a routine health check done for my kids. This doc is so irritated most of the time that he does not care what is he talking and whom he is talking to. He thinks that it his right to scold each and every person entering into his clinic and it’s his sweet will to treat the patient or not.

Boss .. you are seriously mistaken. You are being paid for the consultation you give you are doing nothing for charity you understand. If you think that you are the only doc left in the country, then forget. You must have heard a sentence har insaan and accha aur buraa din jaroor aata hai you are nice doc.. so people want to see you but you may also have bad days.. a since you have a good clientele that doesn’t mean you can take whatever liberty you want to take with your patients …. and the first and the foremost thing you should learn is . MIND YOUR LANGUAGE

SKIT – Jaipur : A small review

My sister managed to get admission in this college at Jaipur and I had to take her to the Hostel. It takes about 30 min to reach the college by Car from the main city. The college is at the outskirt of Jaipur in the fast growing Jagatpura area. The college campus is no doubt well maintained with Open air auditorium, well maintained workshops and clean Hostel. I couldn’t manage to have food at the mess but had pakodas and tea, the food quality was undoubtedly better than my own RCERT Mess at Chandrapur.

Don’t know about the studies there but, the prospectus shows that the passed out students were placed in good companies. I hope my sis also do well…. :)

Big Boss : a good time pass at Sony TV

The game of big boss is the only tv show I can watch, infact any guy who hates all those sas bahu serials by Ekta Kapoor and team of star can pass the time with this Big Boss.

Big Boss has all the mirch masala which one can see and tolerate. You can see the girls gossiping but boys too are not exception here even they are far ahead of girls in this race. You see that we are far far better then all those celebrities (So Called) in real life. Ravi is fun in this whole game. I don’t know he is playing or just doing what actually he is but I like his character a lot. Ek dum bindas. Rakhi is fun to see, her idiotic actions are adding the flavor in this show. Madam rondu (Rupali) I don’t know how she manage to be an actress in some comedy show. And lot other of funny characters and funny situations are going on out there.

Love to see Big Boss. The only serial I watch on TV.

My (Our) new room : I love it

So, the renovation spree going in my home and I am now been upgraded to the master bedroom (which was pre planned before my marriage) of my house…. A good feeling and little guilt coz my parents are sleeping in a room with a lesser area than my bedroom. All because of the sweet mom and master planner : my dad. I love you both.

Am I a Messer?

So the renovation work is near to completion and now I have my new room. My mom and wife blamed me for created the worst mess in the house. Thanks to the real estate business which has provided me a lot of Brochures of DLF, Unitech, Central Park, Vipul, Tapasya and many more and a lot of visiting cards of real estate agents, builders and clients. I have approximately 5 Kg of brochures, 200 visiting cards and at least 10 Kgs of bunch of papers related to Real Estate. Now I need the organize the stuff to avoind being blacklisted from the house.

Aroma Restaurant Gurgaon

Village Aroma Restaurant Gurgaon

I went out with my family for dinner again and planned to have dinner at Dana Choga at sector 14 in Gurgaon. But to our disappointment, the restaurant was already booked 4 -5 families waiting outside for meals. Then we decided to go to Raj Mahal Delux in Old Gurgaon. In the way just ahead of Karims, there a Restaurant called “the Aroma”. My mom said that she would prefer to try a new place this time.

We went to AROMA and guess what, the ambience is like typical village style with folk paintings and chattais hanging on the walls. There a small showpiece which is for keeping Tulsi Ji. The ambience was good. The glasses in which the water was served were like you get is a typical Punjabi village: heavy brass glasses for lassi and chach. The food was nice but the quantity they serve is less. Average prices. Average service. Nice place to visit once is a while.

Unique Pastry shop in Patparganj, Delhi

“Unique Pastry” shop in Patparganj, Delhi

I have been to this shop with my mausiji in Patparganj when she was not in a good health. The shop name is “Unique Pastry”. This place heaven for kids and food lovers like me who love pastries, cookies, cakes, hot dogs, different types of breads, sandwiches, patties, sausages, namkeens, pizzas, biscuits and many more vegetarian and non vegetarian products. This is one of my favorite “snack joint” in delhi.

Whenever I go there, I generally take 5-6 types of pastries, especially chocolate once. Hot dog, patties and Pizzas are my favorite among hot meals. Just have a visit over there…. It’s located very near to the apartments and societies of Patparganj in Delhi and very near to the famous Singla Sweet corner.