Some people are awful..

I have been experiencing trouble in my life from the last few days…. Just because of impatience of people. Why we expects the results so early that we even don’t want to wait for the things we have to do to reach our goals.

Dollar Vs Rupee : Crash and Loss

So this is a good time for the importers, dollar is nearing 40 INR and most of the export contact are in jeopardy. Most of my college time friends are importers and it’s a boom time for them. I have recently suffered a loss of 1 peti in my last order approximately just because of this fluctuation. What to do?

Shall we curse the exporter (including us) that they exporting too much or the importers that they are not importing much.

New TFTs in office

One more progress in office

All 10 Computers Monitors replaced by TFT. Its really cool to work on TFTs in comparison to LCD monitors. Huge power savings, no tension of load on inverters during power cuts, long backups.

Practically now its Uninterrupted work for complete working hours.

Hyundai making faulty cars

Just got the news that Hyundai has just loss a case against a car owner in Delhi for selling him a faulty Hyundai Accent car. The Courts has ordered the company to replace the faulty car with a new one and give the owner, an additional compensation of Rs. 12,500/-. I can never imagine that the second largest car maker in India can do a shit like that. Well, is it the fault of the Hyundai Car dealer or the company itself?

One of my friends had recently visited Hyundai showroom in Gurgaon to buy a Hyundai Accent CRDI just 15 days back. But the showroom told that the company has “stopped the production of the CRDI model because of some technical flaws that causes vibrations”. We thought that this was just a promotional stunt for the new Hyundai Verna CRDI which has not performed very well in the market (compared to the Accent CRDI). Like the stratagy that Toyota used to by discontinuing Qualiz and Launching Toyota Innova But now I think, the real problem was this case which was going against the company. Let’s see what happens now, will the company launch the Accent CRDi or not.