Tata Safari DICOR VTT 2.2

I donno about this car but one of my close friends is looking to buy this vehicle. Fortunately both of us were at the TATA Dhingra motor service station today for getting out own TATA Safari serviced. Saw a number of customers with Tata Safari turbo VTT 2.2 telling their bad experience bout the vehicle. One of them was a guy who had purchased a new one day before yesterday and now standing at the workshop to get the CD changes as well as the “Fuel Pump” repaired. This is insane!!!

Audi A4 : Tested it today

Well that’s true a close friend of mine is planning to take one and both of us had a test drive today at the Audi showroom in Sector 53. Well I was told that it is the best and the biggest showroom in India at the moment. Had a look at almost all the models A4 A6 Q7 and Audi TT.

Well, there’s no doubt Audi TT was the best among the all in looks as well as specs. but the price is also the best nearly 55 Lakhs bucks.

Talking about the Audi A4, I drove it for 16 kms and yes.. it’s damn good in driving comfort, accessories, internal monitoring and control systems. Definitely I can’t compare the same segment cars of Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW etc etc as this was the first time I drove a 32 lakhs sedan. This car has 14 internal speakers with fantastic sound quality and a preinstalled screen which will tell you almost each and every activated function you are using while driving it. Auto and 7 manual gears and a reverse gear (8 gears in all), a superb display panel for the driver with almost all the things a driver would like to have. Sun and moon roof, automatic climate control, front and rear parking sensors.. blah blah blah. And in the end my friend booked one.

The delivery of his car is in October now and I’m waiting for it too. Will write a more detailed review as soon as I drive it again.. and hopefully to Goa.

Safdarjang Hyundai – Painful Experience

Well, these guys are new in Gurgaon compare to the Orion Hyundai workshop but they have defiantly got a better name Orion. My experience was truly not good with these guys. I don’t know about the service section guys but the insurance claim and the body shop guys are really cunning or maybe inexperienced. Here’s the whole story.

My dad and driver on the way to Mathura had an accident with the tractor trolly and the car (Hyundai accent) was hit on the left side damaging 2 doors, bo-nut and tail light. Thankfully nobody was injured. Just because of a better brand value, we went to Sufdarjung Hyundai workshop in Gurgaon Udyog Vihar for repair and insurance claim of the vehicle. The guys sitting in the body shop inspected that car and said that they would like to REPLACE every damaged part. I insisted on repairing of the parts but they said that the survey is to be done first and then it will be decided that whatever is to be replaced and repaired. I was called again in the evening to meet the surveyor and have a discussion with him on the same issue. It was then decided that all the damaged parts are repairable and does not need to be replaced. Thankfully, I was not carrying the company seal which was needed to fill the insurance claim papers.

The next day when I went to the workshop for the sealing and signing the papers, the workshop guys told me that the doors cannot be repaired and the need to be replaces. When I asked then about the talks with the surveyor I was told that

Who the hell is surveyor to tell us that the part is to be repaired or replaced.

My god!!! This was first time I had ever heard anything like that. I asked the gentleman that when the surveyor has passed the repairing of that parts,,, how can you replace them and who will pay the depreciation for it. He has the same answer that

We Don’t know Who the hell is surveyor to tell us that the part is to be repaired or replaced . If you want the work to start, you will have to get the parts replaced.

Well.. I had no option, but to take my vehicle back from the workshop since these guys think that they are superior than the insurance companies. These guys are more interested in their sale rather than benefiting the customers. At last when I asked this Body Shop guy to give me his visiting card he refused and said there’s no use, I won’t give it coz I know you will make a complaint. Boss, if you know that the customer is gonna make a complaint then you know that you are doing a mistake. And you should also know that there are more than 1000 ways that I can arrange your card.

Now I am getting my car REPAIRED at another authorized workshop of Hyundai without paring a single penny in depreciation. I personally recommend the owners of damaged or accidental cars to be cautious with Safdarjang Hyundai while making the estimates.

Innova Spare Parts are costly

Just visited the Toyota Showroom in Gurgaon at the IDC Gurgaon coz I was looking for some accessories for the Innova. I ‘v got the list and prices of the stuff that I was looking for :
A Rear View Mirror (chrome) : Rs. 4500/-
A pair of fog lamps : Rs. 8000/-
A Pair of footrest : Rs. 6000/-

Damn costly… I got all that from outside dealer in Rs. 5000/-. What the hell!!!

New fleet of DTC : Low Floor Buses : Gift for Delhi

New green color low floor buses of DTC are new attraction for Delhi commuters. DTC has added 45 low floor buses in its fleet. And these buses are running with full capacity. 12 buses are running on Route no. 479, 8 on Route no. 500, 10 on Route no. 442 and 5 buses on Route no. 729.

These buses are getting popular for daily travelers. People are preferring these busses in comparison to blue line(popular as death lines now) or old DTC buses. These buses have tubeless tyres to ensure no flat tyre problems. New buses have pneumatic doors. People are not very use to of it but they will be very soon.

With these new buses earning per kilometer has touched Rs. 20 while for old buses it is about Rs. 12 per kilometer. The operating loss on new buses is about Rs. 6 per kilometer, which is very less as compared to Rs. 30 per km in old DTC buses.

I must say that Delhi Govt. must increase the no. of these buses in roads of Delhi. It will not only make DTC less loss making but also will improve the condition of public transport in Delhi especially the public Bus travel.

Mileage!!!! Talk CNG

Well while our visit to Chokhi Dhani Resort, we have tried the CNG kit in our new Jaguar. I got an average of 96 Paisay per KM. Performance is almost the same as petrol coz I managed to run it at 135 Kmph. This is good man…. but the worst part was that we could not find a CNG outlet at Jaipur. Rajasthan has only LPG stations. Overall the nice trip and a great value for money, at least you are driving a luxury car at the running cost of a bike.

No good drivers in Gurgaon

I am looking for a drivers for my Tata Safari, Toyota Innova and Hyundai Accent but could not get one in the town.

If the driver is experienced….
Then his salary expectations are as high as 10000 bucks a month which includes accommodation and food. And you don’t know when he’ll leave if he finds a better offer.

If the driver is inexperienced….
Then you have your car at risk every time, whenever the car is with the driver and you are at home, your heart beat is on a higher side.

If you get a driver from Rajasthan….
He has no idea of the ways in Delhi and Gurgaon and most awful is when he makes idiotic mistakes and an excuse that he has never seen so many cars before in his life…

Hyundai Sonata CRDi: Nice Car

Looks like I’m in love with the CRDi Technology. I have been to the Safdarjung Hyundai showroom in Gurgaon to buy a car, not for myself, but for a close relative. I was there for the Verna CRDi, which I don’t find too attractive. I saw the Sonata CRDi and the Tucson. Well, the cars are costly, but real value for money. Tucson is not that comfortable as compared to the Sonata. Both the car are technically sound, and the looks are no doubt the best in their segment. The last factor comes the a Baniya always think is the Cost per Km. Sonata according to the company, will give 11 Km which I take as 9 – 10 kmpl on road, which is not that attractive. Maybe, weight, higher cylinder volume is the reason.

Ford Fiesta Diesel Review

I got the opportunity to drive this car today while getting back from Delhi. Personally I never like American Cars (Ford, GM etc.) but still I did drive it coz I had no choice. This car I would say is a much better product than the ford IKON. The vehicle is comfortable and Engine has a better performance than Ford IKON. All the controls (as usual in American Cars) are just opposite to that of the other cars. Wipers at the right hand side and the light controls at the left hand. I had to go through the manual to turn on the Headlights, you just can’t see it normally since it’s provided at the back of the steering wheel near to the Ac vents at the Driver’s side. The high beam and low beam is also not the same, when you want to change the beam fastly in Hyundai and Toyota Cars, you just need to pull the beam lever and it will go back to low beam again as soon it is released, in Ford Fiesta, if you pull the lever the high beam will get permanent and you will have to pull the lever again for the low beam (that was uncomfortable). Personally I liked the drive and comfort.

Ford Fiesta Vs Hyundai Accent

I was not just satisfied after writing my last post about the Ford Fiesta, I want to write more, so a comparison with by Sweety Hyundai Accent is here.

Ford Fiesta I agree is a better variant than the Ikon but not better than the Accent CRDI. The Vibration is the Accent CRDi is less than the Fiesta and Driving comfort is too better in the Accent. Both the vehicles has the approximately the same Fuel efficiency but I have heard from friends and relatives that Milage of Ford Fiesta is 18-19 kmpl which I am getting 16-17 Kmpl in the Accent CRDI.

In looks, I think none of them is gonna win the beauty competition, Air conditioning is almost the same. Leg room, Head room are almost the same.