Chief Minister Karunanidhi on 4 hour Hunger Strike

I think this is the world record in Hunger Strike. Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Karunanidhi started fasting on 27th April morning. The stike was for poor tamils who were killed in Sri Lanka during the war of Army and LTTE.  And lot of political drama happened.

Main Point : this was supposed to be indefinite strike and lasted only for four hour. That’s too whole time he was sleeping in front of two coolers. Strike started after good breakfast and ended with lunch.

Jai Ho…

Karunanidhi on Hunger Strike

Bollywood showing Fingure after voting

Bollywood gesture after Election

Amitabh Bachchan with family showing voter mark on INDEX FINGURE

Vidya : What she want to say

John Showing middle fingure with voter mark

And these are the few one. A lot stars poses for camera with their middle fingure upward.

To whome they are showing this.