IIT Entrance Exams Coaching Online

It’s a great concept. It’s booming in India. Now more and more students are opting for online mode for coaching to crack IIT Entrance Exam. This is a gift for those entire students who could not afford financially or due to any other reason to spend one complete year at Kota or anywhere outside their small cities for

coaching. Websites like askiitians and many more are like bridge between the good teachers and bright students. Now Student can get the directions from good teachers all over the India. In fact some students have admitted that these teachers are far better then many teachers in coaching centers. This complete package of coaching for IIT Entrance Test is far cheap then almost all reputated coaching centers.

Get Kylie Minogue cheaper then Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood stars get paid more then many famous Hollywood stars. Here is an example. Kylie Minogue is charging 1.5 Crore for her role and one item number in the movie BLUE. In approach to Karina, Katrina or Aishwarya, their rate for the same air time won’t be less then 2.5 to 3.5 Cr.

Same goes with the Rambo Superstar Sylvetser Stallone. He is getting Rs. 2.5 crore for his role in Kambhakht Ishq on the other hand in the same movie Akshay Kumar is charging 30 to 40 Cr with co-production and distribution rights.

Who says Holywood is the benchmark of cinema. Day is not far way when people all over the world will see Hollywood and Bollywood in the same rack.