Frustrated NIIT Students speaks up

On one of my site I got a comment from NIIT student.
No Idea Of IT or we can say, Nothing Is In Technology. NIIT is such a worst Institute in the world. Read the complete comment at NIIT Frustrated Student

Me too have done one year course from NIIT and many of my friends are GNIITians. What I feel is that this guy is true up to a certain extent what he is saying but I don’t totally agree with him. It also depend on students how he take the course. It’s not possible to make student a master of IT by just the teaching the course, it require a hell lot of work out by student on its own too.

Some of my known are placed in USA only by doing this NIIT courses. On the other hand some are like still doing the job of Rs. 5000 even after 5 year of experience in market. If you want to join NIIT, join only the big centers of NIIT. There are small franchises in every corner of city, those all are worthless. Faculties are those who didn’t have the job in IT industry so they are teaching and trying to get the good job. Practical help or assistance is not up to the mark.

So if you want to join NIIT my suggestion join the big centers only like South Ex. CP, Rajauri Garden. Try not to focus only on curriculum of NIIT but also work on current market IT things too. Work on topics yourself and extract the best knowledge you can get from the Faculty. If not satisfied with the faculty go to center head ask for change don’t hesitate, after all you guys and gals are paying for the course not for time pass.

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta IIMC hikes the fees

IIMC is set to hike tutions fees

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta declared to hike the fees by Rs. 2 Lakhs for its Two Year Post Graduate Diploma Courses. Students joining the batch of 2009-11 have to pay Rs. 9 Lakh. For batch 2008-10 it was Rs. 7 Lakh and for batch 2007-2009 the fees of IIMC for PG Diploma course was Rs. 4 Lakh only.

Last year IIMC increased the fees of only first year students by Rs. 1 Lakh while all other IIMs had increased their fees. But with the increase in fees IIMC also increased the amount of Scholarship. Initially it was Rs. 75 Lakh now it is Rs. 1.5 crores for student scholarship. The students of IIM are not reacting very much on this. According to them they are going to get good salaries after the courses so there is no harm if institute want to increase the fees to meet their financials.

Quite optimistic students, even in this strong time of recession they are pretty sure of good salaries. Good Luck

Google Adsense for Domains in India

Just noticed that Adsense for domains in now available for Indian publishers. It will allows publishers to earn revenue through ads placed on undeveloped / parked domains.

Google Adsense for Domains

Google Adsense for Domains

Google AdSense for Domains was earlier available for many years under the name ‘Domain Park’, but the program was previously reserved exclusively for domain registrars only. This feature can be activated by logging in into the the AdSense account and clicking on the “AdSense Setup” tab, and there should be an “AdSense for domains” option there.

Google Adsense for Domains Control Panel

After that there is an online agreement with the terms and conditions that you’ll have to accept. You will then land to a screen which is simple and easy to understand. For publisher convenience, a “AdSense for domains quick start guide” is provided. So, Happy Earning…

Difficulty in Placement for Indian B Schools

This placement season is going to be tough for top B Schools of India due to recession, restriction by US governments and opposition of US citizens against foreigner’s job.

Senator Chuck Grassley and Bernie Sanders proposed a recommendation according to which the firms which are getting bailout packages from government may face strict action if they hire foreigners under H-1B visa category for highly skilled workers. According to them the money for bail out is from US citizens tax and should not be transferred to the other nationals directly. In US jobs are getting cut and there is no point to give jobs to the foreigners out from the Tax Payers pocket.

This is not good news for Top Indian B Schools. They might face the difficulty in getting their students placed in top companies. Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Merrill Lynch & Co., JPMorgan chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley and some more like these are among the top recruiters from IIMs and they all are on the bailout list. This restriction is definitely going to tough for Indian students. But top B Schools have the trust and confidence that this will not affect the recruitment process very much.

According to B Schools recession is going on, obliviously one can see the effect of this on recruitment. We have built up the reputation on intellectual caliber of their students and we don’t see a huge difference in pattern of recruitment.

So let’s see what would be the pattern for this placement season. How much the B Schools can face the heat of recession and restriction by US government?

Brazil’s National Underwear Day 2009

National Underwear Day in Brazil

Brazilians celebrated The third National Underwear Day on 17th Feb 2009 at Brasillia downtown. The underwear Day was first organized in New York city in 2003 to help to develop the Brazilian underwear industry. The event was organized by Fashion website Finissimo. All the male and female models came at Brasillia’s bus station and distributed the broachers and get photographed.

I am reading this news from last three days, I am wondering if this day has to be organize in India, who is going to take care of security of these babes and babas as well :P. That day would be the national holiday for Indians to see the parade on road. One can skip 26 Jan parade but I bet most of the Indian will not skip this.

Abhishek Bachchan is going to make Guinness world Record

"Delhi 6" Abhishek trying to get this movie in Guinness Book of World Records

Abhishek Bachchan is planning to get his name in Guinness Book of World Records by covering six cities in 24 hour for the promotion of its new film Delhi 6. This record is currently credited in account of Jurgen Vogen and Deniel Bruhl of Germany who promoted their film in 24 hour in four cities.

Abhishek is going to cover Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Baroda and Mumbai in a private Jet Plane. It was the idea of Abhishek to promote the movie like this. He narrated this to UTV and they gave their go ahead node in no seconds. This tour is going to make a huge buzz in public says the marketing team of UTV.

Me too is waiting for this movie. I have watched the promo of this movie. Movie is covering the life of the part of Delhi having pin code 110006 , that’s why that part is famous as Delhi 6. It is the oldest area of Delhi. One can see all the color of Delhi in Delhi 6 (The movie and Area too)

30 times Faster Crawl rate by Google webmaster tools

I had noticed this feature way back but I never knew that one can set a crawl rate upto 30 times faster. Obviously your server should have a capacity to handle the load of the Googlebot.

Google Webmaster tools allows you to get your web site read upto more than  30 times faster

Google Webmaster tools allows you to get your web site read upto more than 30 times faster

To enable this feature you can go to

Dashboard > Select the Web Site > Setting > Crawl Rate

For more information read Google Webmaster Tools Help on Crawl rate.