MTNL Landline and Dolphin Customer Care

4:57 P.M. 20 September 2008

I just tried the CUSTOMER SERVICE number of MTNL. 9868112345. Call landed up at Deepak Seat no. 68

Unfortunately this number is for customer care of dolphin not for landline of MTNL. I asked him to give me some number for MTNL Landline. For about 15 minutes he keeps on saying that there is no number for MTNL guys other then 1500.
According to him this is the only number if somebody want to talk to MTNL regarding landlines. I asked him what about the person whose landline is dead and dont have any other landline in his home. What a wonderful answer i got ” go to your neighbor or market and make the complaint. There is no harm in taking the favor from neighbors”. He said you are only person who is asking for customer care number other then 1500 in his job tenure of 1 year in MTNL.

I think everybody in Delhi is taking the favor from neighbors or shops to do complaint.

After literally shouting on him, asked him to go to his senior to get some other 8 digit landline for complaint. He gave me 22221500.

What a wonderful customer care of MTNL is. This is the knowledge of MTNL customer care guys have about their product.