Dr Neeraj Jain, Bhilwara : not a nice doctor

I went to see this doctor today to get a routine health check done for my kids. This doc is so irritated most of the time that he does not care what is he talking and whom he is talking to. He thinks that it his right to scold each and every person entering into his clinic and it’s his sweet will to treat the patient or not.

Boss .. you are seriously mistaken. You are being paid for the consultation you give you are doing nothing for charity you understand. If you think that you are the only doc left in the country, then forget. You must have heard a sentence har insaan and accha aur buraa din jaroor aata hai you are nice doc.. so people want to see you but you may also have bad days.. a since you have a good clientele that doesn’t mean you can take whatever liberty you want to take with your patients …. and the first and the foremost thing you should learn is . MIND YOUR LANGUAGE