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By Utsav Singhal

Starring: Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan
Produced and directed by Aamir Khan

The seemingly endless wait is over. The perfectionist superstar is back with his directorial debut after a wait of 18 months since Fanaa and the real KING of the jungle has made his mark.

Ehsaan Awasthi (Darsheel) is just another kid around, caught in the puzzle of bde9pqrstuvwxyz yet shining in his own world, only to find himself isolated at the end of the day. He stands tall even as he sees his brother outrun others and others outrun him by miles. At the back of his mind, in this world, lies a canvas ready to be painted with fearless thoughts, seen by his parents as some useless crap.

Unable to withstand this crap, his parents send him off to a boarding school which only worsens the situation. Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir) takes charge as the new art teacher only to notice the so far unnoticed potential of the boy and helps him in unleashing it.

Darsheel was handpicked by Aamir’s production house from amongst 5000 kids from across the nation and later by Aamir himself from the final 25 of them. Surely this masterpiece deserves 5 stars as it surely is a shining jewel in the crown of the superstar. HATS OFF……….

Bhool bhulaiya

By Utsav Singhal 

Shiney Ahuja is an NRI who returns to India to complete a business project along with his wife (Vidya Balan). Along the shores of Banaras stays his family which has (read had) been ruling the city since long. The newly married couple decides to live in the royal Haveli which was once abandoned after it was “haunted” by spirit of a dancer which lead to a series of tragic events thereafter.

Without the knowledge of the whole family, Vidya Balan unlocks the haunted room, thereby “freeing” the spirit. A series of accidents and mishaps takes place. Acharya Yagya Prakash who stopped the spirit the last time is away and no respite is in sight. As things get out of hand, Shiney Ahuja calls for Akshay Kumar, his friend and a famous psychiatrist, to crack the code.

After Parineeta and Lage Raho Munnabhai this has been another STUNNING performance by Vidya Balan. Hats off to the dances and music (by Pritam). The film loses a bit on “sense of humor” front unlike previous Priyadarshan flicks but in no case it deserves less than 3 stars.With an edge-of-the-seat climax, this family flick is a must see for every die hard fan of Akshay Kumar – Rajpal Yadav – Paresh Rawal – Priyadarshan Masala (AKA bhagam bhag / garam Masala)

Innova Spare Parts are costly

Just visited the Toyota Showroom in Gurgaon at the IDC Gurgaon coz I was looking for some accessories for the Innova. I ‘v got the list and prices of the stuff that I was looking for :
A Rear View Mirror (chrome) : Rs. 4500/-
A pair of fog lamps : Rs. 8000/-
A Pair of footrest : Rs. 6000/-

Damn costly… I got all that from outside dealer in Rs. 5000/-. What the hell!!!

Gurgaon Power … No power

The problem of electricity in Gurgaon is getting worse day by day. I don’t know when the occupancy of properties in Gurgaon will increase after the residential projects will complete on Sohna Road and Golf course road, then from where will get the power.

I wish some private player should think of coming here coz we (at least I) are not bothered to pay extra for electricity but it has to be uninterrupted.

The Monk and Axis restaurants at Galaxy Hotel

I had a meeting with a client today at Galaxy hotel in Sector 15 Gurgaon near to me house. The good thing is that I never new that I had suck a beautiful restaurant nearby with good food too. The bad thing is that it’s one of the costliest in my experience. Three glasses of juice, 2 coffees a grilled sandwitch and a corn pakoda costed me approx 1700 bucks. This is damn costly. I could have visited the 32nd milestone which belongs to the same owner (I think) and is comparatively much cheaper.

New fleet of DTC : Low Floor Buses : Gift for Delhi

New green color low floor buses of DTC are new attraction for Delhi commuters. DTC has added 45 low floor buses in its fleet. And these buses are running with full capacity. 12 buses are running on Route no. 479, 8 on Route no. 500, 10 on Route no. 442 and 5 buses on Route no. 729.

These buses are getting popular for daily travelers. People are preferring these busses in comparison to blue line(popular as death lines now) or old DTC buses. These buses have tubeless tyres to ensure no flat tyre problems. New buses have pneumatic doors. People are not very use to of it but they will be very soon.

With these new buses earning per kilometer has touched Rs. 20 while for old buses it is about Rs. 12 per kilometer. The operating loss on new buses is about Rs. 6 per kilometer, which is very less as compared to Rs. 30 per km in old DTC buses.

I must say that Delhi Govt. must increase the no. of these buses in roads of Delhi. It will not only make DTC less loss making but also will improve the condition of public transport in Delhi especially the public Bus travel.

MGF Metropolis Mall

I liked the design of the mall. Almost same as the Metropolitan Mall but much cleaner a less crowded, has a better atrium space and better brands than Metropolitan. As soon as you enter the mall, you have most of the sports brands (nike, reebok etc.) at your left. At the right you have CTC Plaza, Archies and other nice showrooms. Other brands like, bibs and cribs, a mobile store by future group, food court are there. At the week ends you can enjoy live music by some band.