New India Assurance Company

I have heard some thing new about this company today….

They have an insurance policy which they only offer to individuals who belong to metro cities ONLY. I went to the company’s Divisional Office in Gurgaon and they told me this. Is Gurgaon still a Gaon?? What the Hell !!!

Bank of India : No Relationship No Banking

So, here’s the story of me and Bank of India. My father has many bank accounts with “Bank of India” since 1984. He forced me to have my account with them too since we have a good relationship with them and that we the biggest mistake I did.

I opened an account with them for my Handicrafts Export Business. I had a good amount of sale and got payment in US Dollars from my Canadian Buyer. Since the Cheque was from Canada, then Forex Department THOUGHT that the cheque is in Candian Dollars and they remitted the amount in Canadian Dollar, that dispute wasn’t over and a new thing happened, they lost a cheque of mine of a fair good amount from Australia, then found it after 15 days and then it was sent for collection and the third dispute over interests. The story is not over, there are many more things going on still now.

Now I have finally decided to shift to some other bank. Well, I know that for exporters, this is not a good time for Business, but the bank is the one who can be a real culprit and can happen to be a mosquito in the game to suck your blood.

Qutub Plaza DLF Gurgaon : A Dirty Market

Particularly in DLF, this market is very popular, with shops and corporate office and brands like ICICI, Reliance Communication, Fortis, Dana Choga and more than 400 shops, this market has everything that one need. But the worst thing is that it’s so dirty and stray animals all over. Either there is no authority to take care of it or the residents are not paying the charges for development and maintenance.

Om Sweets Shyam Sweets or Bikanerwala

Now this is a real Controvery, my wife had Gol Gappe at all the three places and now she’s confused that which is the best, well that’s not a new thing coz girls are confused about everything they do :P. Well, all of my other friends, say that Om sweets is better than Bikanerwala in Gurgaon, but I think that nothing can beat the roadside Chaatwalas.