Nuclear Power pact should be done

Since you (the politicians) have no power (electricity) to give to us from your bloody hydro and thermal power plants, then let the nuclear power go ahead or get the electricity be privatized. You are just bloody an interruption in the progress of the nation. You know that you get votes from the farmer and the poor class and you don’t want them to grow at all and the best way you have found out is to cut the bloody electricity and let them starve. And every time when there is a an election, you are there with your foolish promises of 24 x 7 electricity supply for votes

SRS Cinema and Movies : I like it….

Well the best thing about it is that its cheaper than other and parking is not a issue …. And the worst is that Sohna road is in a very bad shape, so you need 10 extra min to reach the hall and you can find the web site of the SRS Cinemas easily for booking online ticket. Also, in case you go for a late night show at SRS at the Omaxe Plaza, there are chances you may get frightened coz the Audi is generally with a lesser or almost very low crowd and when the show ends late night, there’r only a few guards in the mall.

Go on Thursdays and you can get a ticket for 50 bucks for the Gold Class. The latest movies I’m seen over there is Chak de India and Dhamaal. The Hall is nice but with untrained staff. Overall a better experience that DT and PVR.

Management Theories !!!!

Well, I have to say one thing ….. They are easy to understand and Damn difficult to apply in the RIGHT way.

Now I can understand how TATA Ambanis and Birlas manage so many businesses sitting on a single table with a whole lot of data. The Systems needs to be in place and the one most important thing that you need to take care off is …. TIME

Way to 9/11 on Zee Studio

This is seriously good stuff. I have been hearing about the WTC 9/11 attack and the stories behind it. This serial (documentary) is actually the exact stuff behind the crime committed by the Bin Laden group.

I liked the 5 hour serial and this is very clear that the happening could been avoided if the US top officials including the President would have been serious about the work done by the CIA and the FBI. The problem lies behind the fact that we need a SOLID proof before taking any action against the crime and the criminals. Well, it is more important to take precaution rather than repenting that we could not take appropriate steps because we didn’t had a SOLID proof or the SPECIFICS for taking an action