Reliance Mobile: Handsets no good.

I have been waiting for a decent handset from Reliance coz I am fed up of using the stupid LG lower end handset. This is company is really not concerned with the higher end customers, the latest high end handsets are :

LG Chocolate (review not at all good)

Motorola Motorazr (Priced at 12,500/-, not at all worth it)

Nokia 6280 (users says that there is some problem with the display, priced at 15,500/-)

Got the news a few days back that Reliance Telecom is coming up with Blackberry in a month, If the features suits to me, I’ll have to take one, since I have no choice.

No good drivers in Gurgaon

I am looking for a drivers for my Tata Safari, Toyota Innova and Hyundai Accent but could not get one in the town.

If the driver is experienced….
Then his salary expectations are as high as 10000 bucks a month which includes accommodation and food. And you don’t know when he’ll leave if he finds a better offer.

If the driver is inexperienced….
Then you have your car at risk every time, whenever the car is with the driver and you are at home, your heart beat is on a higher side.

If you get a driver from Rajasthan….
He has no idea of the ways in Delhi and Gurgaon and most awful is when he makes idiotic mistakes and an excuse that he has never seen so many cars before in his life…

Weather changes..

From the last few days, weather is taking a gentle turn towards the winters and smaller days. I’d love to go out for a holiday down south to Ooty or Goa but can’t go cos of the work pressure and competition in the field especially Real Estate. Sometimes I feel to shut down everything and take a year’s vacation.

SKIT – Jaipur : A small review

My sister managed to get admission in this college at Jaipur and I had to take her to the Hostel. It takes about 30 min to reach the college by Car from the main city. The college is at the outskirt of Jaipur in the fast growing Jagatpura area. The college campus is no doubt well maintained with Open air auditorium, well maintained workshops and clean Hostel. I couldn’t manage to have food at the mess but had pakodas and tea, the food quality was undoubtedly better than my own RCERT Mess at Chandrapur.

Don’t know about the studies there but, the prospectus shows that the passed out students were placed in good companies. I hope my sis also do well…. :)

Rajasthali: The Rajasthan Handicrafts Emporium at Jaipur

Well, this was the place I actually like on the Mirza Ismail (M I) Road at Jaipur. Not because it has the best quality products, but because of the competitive prices as compared to the other Government Emporiums. I have visited the Rajasthali at the Baba Kharag Singh Marg to Connaught Place at Delhi and its condition is really miserable.

Jaipur’s Rajasthali has got the best variety of crafts at good prices, ofcourse the prices are not very low, but its Ok. I saw a Wooden Dining table set with complete work for 8 people over there in 65000 bucks, INR obviously. If you can get the same one in delhi for more than 1.5 Lakhs. Of course I have been in Handicrafts like for the past 4 years, but I know the margins that they are charging is much fair than the others.