Lakshman Jhula at Rishikesh

We were in Haridwar couple days back, we planned to see Lakshman Jhula at rishikesh too. Lakshman Jhula the hanging bridge was the point of interest for all the family members. It is about 25 km from haridwar. No doubt the view of Lakshman Jhula is good. But as usual we Indians have done the same thing with this heritage too. We have destroyed the original beauty of this.

Originally there had been a fine rope bridge. Unfortunately in 1939 one philanthropic marwadi decided to destroy the rope bridge and constructed a 450 feet long iron hanging bridge at a very high cost and then handover the keys to the government. I want to know one thing why they destroyed the original rope bridge. They could have built a new bridge just adjacent to that original rope bridge.

Any way what happens is history now, we are still not bothered about the keeping the beauty of laksham jhulla. After an accident at lakshman jhulla, it’s passing way was reconstructed and instead of wood now there are concrete slabs to walk.

Lakshman Jhula is point of attraction for the people all over the country even for foreigners. A very good numbers of tourists come to see this bridge. But I suppose government is not bothered about those tourist and good amount of revenue too. This bridge is becoming a mess, you can see the actual jam on this bridge. Two whealers are allowed to use this bridge, you can actually see the jam on this bridge. A new bridge, Ram Jhulla has been constructed recently, that should be the way for vehicles not the popular lakshman jhulla.

I personally did not found any fun on walking this bridge, every body was in hurry pushing each other, you can not even stand on this for few minutes as motor bikes are keep on giving you the horn to give side. I will not visit Rishikesh again only to see The Great Lakshan Jhula.

You can just compare the difference by comparing the images below. What it could have been what it is right now.

Lakshman Jhulla Now

Aarti at Har ki Pauri ( Brahmakund)

The time of Arti is the magnificiant. You will get rid of whole day’s restlessness. Just before take a bath in river. The cold water of Ganga will take all of your fatigue and you will feel a new life in your body. You wont feel to come back out from river. And after that bath just find a suitable place to sit and watch the arti. The view and moments of Arti at Har ki pauri is unforgetfull. This famous ritual starts 7:00 in the evening every day on the bank of River Ganga. A large number of crown gathered around both the banks of canal that is a part of Ganga. This is the ghat made up from big part of Ganga. People take bath on the banks of this canal.

This whole ritual is of about 30 minutes. Priests stands on the ghat, they lightens the huge lamps and with the huge enchants of mantras, the view of huge orange flames coming out from lamps is marvelous. The priests swings the lamps in full mood, the reflection of those orange flame in river is magnificiant. The devotees offers the lighten diyas made up of dried leaves in boat shape full of flowers. You will find thousands of diyas having tiny flames in river making the scene marvelous. You will feel the peace inside you in those pin drop silence moments with that magnificent view.

Har ki Pauri is also known as Brahamkund. This sacred ghat was built by King Vikramaditya in the memory of his brother Bharatihari.

Hurrey I swam crossed the har ki parui once again, It is a wonderful experience for me. Here is the image i swamed across.

Reliance Retail in Gurgaon: Sector 15 Outlet.

I’ve heard that the Indiraj Arcade in the Sector 15 in Gurgaon is now will the Reliance Retail outlet soon. I was shocked to hear that the owner of the complex has served notices to the shop tenants to vacate the space they are provided with, clinics, medical stores, grocery shops and beauty parlors are all served notices to vacate the space. Well, let’s see what is Reliance Retail up to what will be position after the outlet is open.

Hyundai Sonata CRDi: Nice Car

Looks like I’m in love with the CRDi Technology. I have been to the Safdarjung Hyundai showroom in Gurgaon to buy a car, not for myself, but for a close relative. I was there for the Verna CRDi, which I don’t find too attractive. I saw the Sonata CRDi and the Tucson. Well, the cars are costly, but real value for money. Tucson is not that comfortable as compared to the Sonata. Both the car are technically sound, and the looks are no doubt the best in their segment. The last factor comes the a Baniya always think is the Cost per Km. Sonata according to the company, will give 11 Km which I take as 9 – 10 kmpl on road, which is not that attractive. Maybe, weight, higher cylinder volume is the reason.

Dollar Vs Rupee : Crash and Loss

So this is a good time for the importers, dollar is nearing 40 INR and most of the export contact are in jeopardy. Most of my college time friends are importers and it’s a boom time for them. I have recently suffered a loss of 1 peti in my last order approximately just because of this fluctuation. What to do?

Shall we curse the exporter (including us) that they exporting too much or the importers that they are not importing much.

New TFTs in office

One more progress in office

All 10 Computers Monitors replaced by TFT. Its really cool to work on TFTs in comparison to LCD monitors. Huge power savings, no tension of load on inverters during power cuts, long backups.

Practically now its Uninterrupted work for complete working hours.