Delite Food : Ethnic Indian Food

After good food and fast delivery of Zaika, We found one more restaurant.

Its Delite Food.
Taste is good.
Rate is good.
Quantity is rich.
Delivery is fast.

One more nice option for all those who order frequently, need some restaurant near to DLF Phase-I, from where they can get fast delivery.

Address :
Shop No. #, Silver Oaks Marketm DLF City, Phase-I Guraon.
Phone : 0124-4049023, 9212397412

GF-42, Vyapar Kendra, C Block Sushant Lok-I, Guraon
Phone :9212397413

Hyundai making faulty cars

Just got the news that Hyundai has just loss a case against a car owner in Delhi for selling him a faulty Hyundai Accent car. The Courts has ordered the company to replace the faulty car with a new one and give the owner, an additional compensation of Rs. 12,500/-. I can never imagine that the second largest car maker in India can do a shit like that. Well, is it the fault of the Hyundai Car dealer or the company itself?

One of my friends had recently visited Hyundai showroom in Gurgaon to buy a Hyundai Accent CRDI just 15 days back. But the showroom told that the company has “stopped the production of the CRDI model because of some technical flaws that causes vibrations”. We thought that this was just a promotional stunt for the new Hyundai Verna CRDI which has not performed very well in the market (compared to the Accent CRDI). Like the stratagy that Toyota used to by discontinuing Qualiz and Launching Toyota Innova But now I think, the real problem was this case which was going against the company. Let’s see what happens now, will the company launch the Accent CRDi or not.

Helicopter or a Luxury Car

A Helicopter manufacturing company called Eurocopter is planning to target the Indian Luxury car market… hah what a news!!!! This company is going to target the luxury car owners, hospitals, hotels and corporate giants and Business Houses to buy a helicopter than a Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or a Lamborghini.

The company claims that India has only 160 civilian helicopters. In the next five years, the country will have about 1,000 helicopters, apart from those used by the armed forces. The best part is Eurocopter will tie up financing for customers to buy their helicopters. Industry sources say that you need to pay an upfront 10 per cent of the cost of the helicopter (the price of an entry level model chopper can begin from Rs 9 crore).

TATA Indica : No Monopoly now

So the new Maruti Suzuki Swifts is in the market now and the Skoda Fabia is also expected in India in the second half of 2007, the monopoly of TATA Indica is over now. I have 3 TATA indica’s but I was never happy with the performance of these vehicles. A recent Indica that I have purchased a month back in January is far improved than the once that I had before. With turbocharged engine and better pickup and much more stuff, TATA has definitely made something which is appreciable is 3.75 Lakhs.

IMT Manesar: Real Estate Prices on a rise

With the launch of the Maruti Suzuki Swift’s Diesel Variant, Maruti is now on a move to start their plant in April, with the date of starting of the plant getting nearer, the real estate prices in IMT Manesar has started rising. Auto part manufactures, packaging machine, packaging material, lights and spare part manufacturers are now getting into IMT Manesar, the best Industrial area of Gurgaon according to me. I have done 4 deals in the last month of this area and I expect the prices to shoot up at least 5 times in the next 3 years.

Great Salesman in Punjab Raodways

As usual one guy entered in bus I thought its going to show the same type of stuff again on sale like chain, watch, wallet, set of pen etc. But I was literally amazed to see his marketing technique. He used it to sale his product for sure.

He came up with bidding option for passengers. He said that here he is going to open the bid for 10 products one by one. He clarified the conditions

1) passengers are going to bid for products with as low as Rs. 10
2) If the last bid is near to the promotion price (on which he is willing to sale ), he will give the item at that price.
3) If last max bid is not near to the promotion price, then he will give assured gift to each bidder.

Now first he picked out so called Ricco Watch worth of Rs. 250, bid start at Rs. 10 and offered a small comb (say worth of 1 Rupee) if nobody closed the deal. First call came of 15, Second of Rs 50 and then no Call. He asked thrice and then on closing that bid gave the combs to both of them.

Now he picked out one watch worth of Rs. 150 and offered a wallet (market worth of Rs. 10-15 approx) for all the bidder if deal don’t get close. First call was of Rs. 15, second of Rs. 20 and third and last of Rs. 25. He immedicated congratulate, the guy who bidded for Rs. 25, handed over the watch to him took Rs. 25 and went out of bus before actually the boy who bidded could realize what happened with him.

See smartly he sold his watch worth of not more then Rs. 10 in Rs. 25 by biding. Which otherwise he would have to give presentation in at least 5-10 buses. I am sure that he might be selling this watch in almost his alternate presentation.

Use your all permutation and combination and see how smart that guy is.

Delhi – Rohtak – Jind – Dariba(Sangroor) – Ludhiana – Dariba – Partna – Bahadurgarh – Delhi

After many years, in last two days I traveled in roadways buses so much in one go. I was on marriage of one of my friend. First I booked the ticket Shatabdi Express to Ludhiana directly (Venue of Marriage), but friend called up and strictly invited me to his hometown. It was a very small town of Punjab. Its called as Dariba in Sangroor, Punjab. The complete travel was great for me. Had lot of mast mast experiences. Lot of Sardars, 12 bajey wali harkatey. :D

That was my first visit to that side. I am not allowed to take car for such a long route alone, I plan to go by bus then. I was in short of time so I went to piragarhi, did not waited for direct bus, took the bus for Rohtak, from their it’s the bus for Jind, then I finally got the bus toward Sangroor. By which I went to Dariba around 25 km before main Sangroor. I joined the complete barat. We went to Ludhiana, the venue of function. The marriage arrangement was wonderful, everything went smooth. Next morning after having breakfast I took the bus to Partna from Dariba, from Partna I got the bus to Delhi. I left the bus at bahadurgarh, from where I took the bus to nazafgarh and I am back to home now.

Overall the trip was great. Had lot of wonderful experience. I am happy that I attended the marriage of that friend. He is very good friend of mine, staying most of the time in USA. I met him say after about 3 years.

God give him a happy married life.