Harry Potter is naked after Hogwarts

Daniel Radcliffe, hero of harry potter is now coming on the West End stage in revival of Peter Shaffer’s play Equus. The play is going to be open at Gielgud Theater on February, 27.

He is appearing in a long nude sex scene with actress Joanna Christie.

Now the parents are really worried. According to them Harry Potter is like a role model for children, in if he is coming naked in some show, its going to affect the mind of childhood.

Acquarium in Our Office….

One more addition in our office decor. We have got one big aquarium. It has two pair of gold fish, a pair of black gold fish, a pair of sugar fish, a sucker and a Shark. The movement of Fishes is looking awesome. I love my office more now.

Wonderful interior of aquarium with a combination of air filter, heater, air pump, lights and good combination of plants, stones and small show items.

Thanks to our team. :)

Bhopal : the next Gurgaon Duhh

I saw an advertisement in the newspaper today and the ad says “Invest in the next Gurgaon”. I talked to the concerned person and he told me that the city he’s taking about is Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. This person says that in 18 months, the price will get doubled and we don’t kow how?

I haven’t heard about this city in the real estate field neither of any multinational or business industry migrating over there. What the hell!!

Hyundai Accent CRDI : Engine Back Compression

I was experiencing starting problems with my baby (Hyundai Accent CRDI) which is now 3 years or 1,25,000 Km old and still running like a horse in a Polo game. I contacted the Hyundai fellows told me tha the vehicle has a engine back compression problem and got the Piston rings, sleeve, Pistons and almost all the oils (engine, break, gear, steering, coolant) and the filters (diesel, oil and air) needs to be replaced.

The overall service took 15 days and 70000/- bucks but now the car is like performing better than the new one. Now I need to add an Extra 50 Paisay while calculating the KMPL of the car.

Motorola Gurgaon : So I finally receive the payment

Today I finally received the cheque from Motorola Gurgaon. I always knew that the Account personnel are the worst people in the company but I never knew that a customer care officer can get the payments done for the suppliers.

I had to actually file a compliant at the Motorola web site for non payments of my bills for supplies to Motorola Gurgaon. A Senior customer care employee regarding the issue, called me 5 days back and she got my payments done today. This is called real Customer Care service and duhhhh to the account department.

Hutch Customer Care : Bad experience at the First Sight

Inspite of my bad experience with Motorola Gurgaon, I have purchased a Motorola Handset today… :D. Well the company’s administration can be bad, but the designs and models of the handsets they have launched are applicable. 

So, with the new mobile and a new hutch connection, I was told that my number will start within half an hour. When it didn’t happen for the next 4 hours, I called the Hutch Customer Care service at Delhi and the number was Busy. I could not believe that this has never happed to me even with Reliance India Mobile Services and with MTNL too. The Company’s (Hutch) Customer care number inspite of putting the customers on hold are offering that not to even connect the phone to the customer care. What do you call that :  COST CUTTING??

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother

After big boss its time of big brother in news. UK based reality show is in news now a days reason being Shilpa Shetty is in that show. Other housemates are Carole, Cleo, Danielle Lloyd, Dirk, Donny, Lan H, Jack, Jackiey, Jade, Jermaine Jackson, Jo, Ken and Leo.

According to Shilpa “I have zero expectations. The only thing I really hope to keep is my self-respect and my dignity.”

Her culture, way of living and thinking is altogether different from all the home mates, still she has picked up quickly out there. She is teaching the meditation to mates.

Bollywood is spreading its wings to international entertainment industry…