Subhiksha stores in Gurgaon and Delhi

Now Subhiksha Stores are there in Market. After Vishal, Big Bazaar, Mega Mart etc. and now Subhikhsa is in Market. Retail giants are coming in Market and ultimately end users are getting the profit

Prices of vegetables at Subhiksha are low then other vegetable shops are good localities, Groceries have big discounts, and Mobile Market at Subhiksha is wonderful. You can find the mobile worth Rs. 1200 to N-Series of Nokia that’s too either at good discount or great EMI schemes.

Subhiksha Stores are performing well till now, lets see how its going to work for long term.

Update on Subhiksha :

Now the bad thing about Subhiksha is their staff. They are not well trained, dont have good communication skills. They dont have the updated knowledge about the product they are selling. They does not seems like even a salesperson. The common shopkeepers are much better then them. This is the third Subhiksha Store I visited. The condition is same everywhere. If Subhikhsa want to survive in market, I suggest them not to try cost cutting on side of salespersons. The quality of sale team should be very good.

Nothing can beat MAGGI

MAGGI noodles, I think is the best fast food for the people of my age. I thank NESTLE for amking a product which has helped me throughout my hostel life and now my office life to stay alive when you have nothing to eat.

Right now I am having 4 packets of it together with 2 of my friends and its yummmmy like always. My sister is crazy about TOP Ramen but I don’t know, why my tongue can’t accept anything else.

Landmark at the DLF Grand Mall

I have seen the new book store called the “landmark” in the DLF Grand Mall on the Mehrauli Gurgaon road. The Store is definitely the best in Gurgaon leaving behind OM Book in the Metropolitan Mall and the CROSSWORD at the GALAXY mall at sector 15. Good collection of books, VCD’s DVD’s, Stationary products and my favorite – the Soft toys. Worth a visit.

Delhi Metro @ Gurgaon : Underground or above

Which is better? Above or under the ground? News is that the Delhi Metro in Gurgaon will be above the Ground. The metro will be under the ground right from Central Secretariat to Saket and after Saket, it will be above the ground coming from Qutub Minar, Andheria Mor, Rajokri, and entering Gurgaon from Sikarnderpur to DT Mall and finally ending at IFFCO Chowk (I donno what are the further plans).

 If its above the Ground, then its for sure that the aesthetics and beauty of the Malls on the Mehrauli – Gurgaon road are going to shatter. No doubt that it will improve the local transport facilities, but when I see the Radisson Hotel, Delhi on the National Highway just behind the flyover at the Mahipalpur Chowk, I feel pity from the bottom of my heart that such a beautiful structure is now hidden behind the heavy columns of the Highway.

Sikanderpur Chowk Gurgaon to be closed for Delhi Metro

So, the news is that Sikanderpur Chowk will be closed for the Delhi Metro work in Gurgaon. The metro station will be located just after the Sikanderpur mor. And what about the traffic. HT Gurgaon says that HUDA is planning to divert the traffic through Garden Estate, which I personally feel is impossible. The Faridabad – Sector 42 road is open now and the best thing that can be done is that the road from Mehrauli Road which will connect to the Faridabad road should be constructed and the traffic should be diverted towards Sector 42 and Golf Course. If the traffic will go from Garden Estate, the traffic will choak badly and it will take hours to control the traffic.

One more in the Team

I am happy to glad to announce that Sunil has now joined our Real Estate network and will have the new office at the National Highway to Jaipur

I’m happy to see the network going… and all we need are the wishes or our readers.

The Khulla Panga Team

Nobody is born a Terrorist

By Ratika Goel

In a movie or in our TV soaps or even in real life, when a baby comes out of the womb, the doctor exclaims, “Congratulations! It’s a Boy!!!” or “Congratulations! It’s a Girl!!!” but he never says, “I’m sorry to tell you but it’s a terrorist! When a boy learns to hold a cricket bat or a pencil in his hand, he tells you proudly, “Mom I want to be a cricketer or a teacher one day.” but he never comes up to you holding a gun in his hand and says, “Mom I want to be a terrorist.” Then how do these young, smart men become what they are?

As the world is progressing fast, population, corruption, taxes, job opportunities or even TERRORISM. It is becoming an exciting job for these young men who are not dumb or geeks that they cannot study or make money. They are bomb making experts, planners, trained pilots, knowing exactly what they want and finding violence to be the only means of getting their point across. Terrorists not only get money from their base organisation but also get protection for their families.

We will never know the real reason why these men do these things and what they get out of it. When Osama bin laden planned to attack World Trade Center, nobody was aware about his disastrous plans. The very next day after the attack, news channels flashed “Muslims overjoyed; praise men who sacrificed there lives, worship Osama for his bravery and master planning”. After all what they wanted to convey to President Bush was that he should not consider himself and his country as the world power and everybody’s big brother.

What goes on in the mind of a terrorist is unpredictable but we do know that if the needs of these young aggressive men are not satisfied in the initial stage, they will make the world hear it in any way they want.

Parking and Parikrama Service at AIIMS

I went to All Institute of Medical Science AIIMS after a long time. I went there to see somebody in my relation who got operated out there. There used to be one parking lot in the premises just near to main entry gate of AIIMS. Which used to create lot of chaos due to full parking or bad parkers. Even some times you could see almost jam like condition in the main gate of AIIMS.

Now they have done one great thing. Just enter into AIIMS main gate, take left and go about one and half kilometer and you will find one big ground having parking capacity of approx 1000 of cars. Great… From there you can get one parikrama service i.e. free drive by battery operated vehicle having capacity of about 10 people all around the campus of AIIMS. The frequency of this service is about 15 minutes. It has not only reduces the problem due to parking bus also has solved the problem of commuting between one department to other inside the campus. Otherwise it was very difficult for patients, olds, woman or even attendants to go to different section of hospitals to get reports, medicines, foods etc. reason being the campus of AIIMS is actually huge. One thing more they require is to increase the frequency of these vehicles and everything will go smooth.

Its good to see that things are actually going in positive direction.