Compliment for Netaji

This actually happened today, where we were going to Delhi to meet a client at Delhi brder, the client was wasting for us at Rajokri Flyover. He asked our Netaji about his location….

Client: Netaji where are you?
Netaji: Sir, I am at Shankar Chowk..

Client: Netaji, I can understand, you are definitely at Mehrauli Road
Netaji: Sir!! Aap to blacklist mat karo

And we were actually at Mehrauli Gurgaon Road.
See, how much our clients likes Netaji and how popular our Netaji is

Long live Netaji…

Real Estate: A business which needs patience

From my past experience in the Real Estate Business in Gurgaon, the most important thing that one needs to run the business successfully is PATIENCE. I have come across investors and agents in the market who are ready to buy a property, some are bullish about it and for some of them, it doesn’t matter at all (maybe because it is their negotiation skill). But an agent has to be keep calm in handling the stuff in both the situations. I had a real problem in that as I confused it with an IT company where you need to have well defined targets and have to manage them in time, but I don’t think that it is possible with the Real Estate Consultancy.

Can Gurgaon be so damn costly??

Yesterday I have came across a project in Gurgaon which has Villas ranging from price range of Rs. 6.85 Crores to 9.5 Crores. This is Strange!!!

These prices are even more than the real estate prices in the Europe. now an AAM AADMI cannot buy a house in Gurgaon and after sometime, Gurgaon will only be a place for Higher End gentry very soon!!!

What should I do??

Some times your investors can be the most awful thing is your life. I have came across a case in which one of my investor is complaning that I have given him a loss of Rs. 17 Lakhs by selling his property in 23 Lakhs which one year back which is now of worth 40 lakhs.

When the market is down then everybody is ready to sell the property and when the market grows then the investors have to blame the agent for this price rise!! what the hell !!