By Ratika Goel

I’m going to tell you exactly what all the students of class 11th and 12th think. With so much competition and our future on stake…CBSE and NCERT are out for our lives. Ever since they have changed the syllabus for class 10th, 11th, 12th they have not stuck to one syllabus for more than a year. Every year I get to hear from teachers “This chapter won’t be there in the syllabus next year”. I mean its CRAZY. It is hard to pass the entrance and CBSE is cutting down the syllabus and NCERT is trying to make our chapters east and they are deleting important chapters and important points. We HAVE to stick to our reference books no matter what, if we want to pass our entrance exams. CBSE Board Papers have very good question but where are the answers??? NCERT book don’t provide answers to their own questions and again we need to dig our heads in the reference books for the answers. I’m a class 12th student and I had to buy reference book for all 4 subjects and all my NCERT books are stacked away in a corner and there is 2-inch thick layer of dust staring at me. And after all this, my teachers ask me to write answers according to NCERT. That’s STUPID and NON-SENSE. If the can’t provide
answers to our question why do they even have those silly books. I saw the new NCERT books of 11th for biology and I felt sick to my stomach. That book has just got stupid colored pictures and I was not even able to see anything in those diagrams. The text is so
short and it doesn’t explain anything. Its better that we buy reference books than these useless NCERT books.

All I can say is that CBSE and NCERT books don’t really understand what they are trying to do to us. And if they don’t stop these changes which are not helping in anyway, we will have to think about taking admission in schools with ICSE board.

Supreme Court of India: The Ultimate Power

This is good.. really good, so now the president of the country would not be the supreme power in granting pardon to the accused. The court today said that the word of the President of the country would not be final. It would be reviewed by the court. At least now the terrorist who are committing crimes like blasts, rapes and other severe acts would have to face the warth of the Courts. Our country is more emotionally oriented than judgment oriented. I wish if Sanjay Gandhi was alive, there would not been any Kashmir issue at all.

Motorola Gurgaon: No care of Suppliers

Neither we are supplying any parts for their phone nor are we in SCM for them. We supply real estate services to the company. But the management does not care for the agents which supply properties for their employees. The commission is remitted in 2 months, and foremost the concerned lady in the department has 10 forms to fill and then loosing the form 2 times coz se TOO MUCH WORK TO DO!!

Strange, that these multinationals do not know how to manage their time and resources. I hope that Motorola after reading this compliant will hold classes for their employees on Time Management.

Crude less than $60: Fuel Price not affected

When it comes of increasing the price, the petroleum companies in India and eager to do increase the prices of Diesel, petrol and natural gases. When the global crude prices touched $75 per barrel, the prices of Diesel and Petrol were increased by Rs 4 and Rs 2 respectively. Now when the fuel prices are hovering around $59 per barrel of crude, then nobody is ready to bring down the prices. I personally feel that there should be fuel regulatory authority in India also to control the fuel prices on monthly basis at least, like the TRAI does with the Airtel, Hutch, BSNL and other telecom majors.

Who is going to run this country?

I personally feel that now the country should be given in the hands of the Supreme Court of India. They have much more talent to run the nation than our politicians. The murder cases, blast cases and even the issues of the SEZ are now in the hands of the court and I bet they have a better capability of solving the problems than the OFFICERS IN CHARGE.

RIL Vs ADAG: This is not a good sign

I just read the news in the ET that both these groups have separately approached an entertainment company in the Jammu and Kashmir for buy its stakes. Both the brother are interested in purchasing this group for their expansion in the Entertainment industry. I an not pleased to hear that. I don’t know if this is their corporate expansion strategy or just the war in their groups. If this is a strategy then, nothing like it. But if this is a war, then I feel that these companies will end each other one day. I personally feel that both the brothers should enter into different industries and should not intimidate each others work.

Future of Retail Market in India

Heard the news the new retail giants (RIL, TATA, RPG, BHARTI and other…) have asked the cargo companies to expand their bases in different cities so as to solve the logistics issues of these groups. Air Deccan and GoCargo are the in the news nowadays for doing the logistics work for these groups. If these retail giants are planning in a way of “Bulk Centralized Purchasing” and the world class “Supply Chain Management”, then what is going to happen with the grocery and departmental stores near our homes? With such a low prices as of Walmart and Sears they are going to change the face of the entire industry. Now the retailers have to face double shock, one is the warth of MCD and now the competition with the Retail Giants.