My (Our) new room : I love it

So, the renovation spree going in my home and I am now been upgraded to the master bedroom (which was pre planned before my marriage) of my house…. A good feeling and little guilt coz my parents are sleeping in a room with a lesser area than my bedroom. All because of the sweet mom and master planner : my dad. I love you both.

Left Right Left on Sony TV

Left Right Left on Sony TV

I am not a TV freak but whenever I have to watch the news my wife generally switch the channel to this serial. I like the characters in this serial and their motivating and naughty attitude towards each other. Good Serial.

Is media just meant to cover Media only?

I just saw news about a bomb blast at Midnapore in West Bengal near Kolkatta. The police force was there to “diffuse” the landmines. The media people were also there to cover the whole stuff. A land mine accidentally blasted and 2 people from the police died at the spot and about 29 were injured. The cameraman of India TV was badly injured and sent to the hospital. I saw the whole stuff on the TV and noticed that the cameramen of some other TV channel were covering this whole incident to show the MASALA to the viewers. What the Hell!!! The cameramen were very happily covering the “things” rather than helping the injured? What is the use of such media in which people are more interested in “covering” the thing rather than helping the injured? Pathetic!!!! Insane!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr

HERO Honda Glamour with PGMFI

So a new milestone of Hero Honda, Hero Honda Glamour is in the market. After a long break, hero Honda has finally come up with the new model. At the time I wrote about the Hero Honda and Bajaj competition, I was anticipating something new from Hero Honda. There’s news that Hero Honda is planning to shift their Dharuhera plant to Dehradun because of “cost issues”. Let’s hope for the best for the company.

Am I a Messer?

So the renovation work is near to completion and now I have my new room. My mom and wife blamed me for created the worst mess in the house. Thanks to the real estate business which has provided me a lot of Brochures of DLF, Unitech, Central Park, Vipul, Tapasya and many more and a lot of visiting cards of real estate agents, builders and clients. I have approximately 5 Kg of brochures, 200 visiting cards and at least 10 Kgs of bunch of papers related to Real Estate. Now I need the organize the stuff to avoind being blacklisted from the house.

Sealing campaign in Delhi : What a mess

Today some political agencies called up the “Delhi Band”, It was actually the full stop in Delhi daily activities. Not only the shops were closed, masses were on road totally blocking the roads, damaging the public property. At Silampur, an area in Delhi, had lathicharge of police, police opened the fire out there. Two get injured too. And wonderful thing is that in an interview one politician on TV was calling this band activity as totally successful. According to them they were peacefully protesting at Vikas Marg, and coincidentally major riot took place very near to that place. I am asking a question, complete delhi was in protest why this bad event happened in that particular area only.

I ask, Is this the right way to protest against something.
Is violence can make the things right.

Lage raho Munna Bhai : Review

Lage raho Munna Bhai : Review

By Ratika Goel

The sequel of Munna Bhai MBBS is back. Well it doesn’t really continues with the earlier story coz the theme is different, the roles are different and even the Munna Bhai’s love interest is different this time. What remain same is the comedy, the actors, the humor and most of all the fun. Rajkumar Hiran (the director) has done a great job indeed. Relating the history with the present. Finally the present generation will understand what Mahatma Gandhi wanted to convey to the people of India. The director has made those boring classes of the schools that everybody would enjoy. Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi are even better this time but Sanju Dada is looking a bit old in this movie but that dosen’t matter when it comes to ‘gandhigiri’ and his ‘tappory’ language. Boman Irani is at his best as usual. Vidya Balan has surprised everybody with her actingand i got to say she has got a really gorgeous smile. Earlier I wasn’t really sure that this movie will stay upto my expectations after the first movie, but I guess we all agree that bollywood is a surprise in itself. After the stupid action of Krishh and ‘Rona Dhona’ of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Lage raho Munna Bhai is a great change. It is must watch and the best movie of this season. If your looking for a family fun, this is just the movie for you.Enjoy!

Website of : How it work

Ironically we still have one domain with us booked by Today I was in the process to renew that. I was glad to know that they are giving free .info domain with any .com or .net renewal. I filled that option too. I opted for credit card payment mode. Got the reference no. for my domain renewal process and get the prompt to pay online. I clicked on pay and it took me to some error page that Transaction page was not available or something like that. Forget it could be some technical problem.

I thought that now I have one more option to send a cheque or cash to net4domains against this renewal. I filled one sales form for some enquiry at And great I got the thank you page. You can see what was the format of that page.

Net4domains providing web hosting, domain name registrations, and other web based solutions and this is the condition of this company.

God help them