Reviews of the real estate scenario in Gurgaon…

So, the real estate thing continues…

We had some good deals in the past months and still better deals in pipeline. We had many bad experiences in the near past. Sometimes the sellers backed out and sometimes the buyers. Its a sellers market in Gurgaon nowadays, property going up and up and nobody knows that where it will end. Well, good for us as we get more bulls in the market who are ready to invest millions and millions of rupees in thier pocket. But the irony of the business is that when if comes to negotiation, then the buyers and sellers having millions in their pockets breaks the deals just for Rs. 5000/-. How Foolish…

Netaji ki Shaadi….


Our great great Corrupt Netaji, Shri Shri Mohit is now finally getting married in April. After a number of ashleel affairs…..

All corrupt netas and bureaucrats invited ….

Long live netaaji,
Long live Bhabhiji,
and Long live Corruption…..

Jai Netaji.